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  1. There was some really deep thinking going on there.
  2. Storm Trooper - freshman class
  3. Me either. And I'll probably go to my grave never having even half as much fun as I did that year. There was a special back then called "Play it again Bears." That was fun. I had it on VHS but my brother recorded over it one drunken night. It's on YouTube but broken up in sections. I watch it when the Bears let me down, which is a lot lately.
  4. There's a relationship between low intellectual capacity and white superiority. As white IC goes down, belief in one's superiority rise.
  5. Don't forget to bring your umbrella... Senior holds deputies at bay with umbrella Man also accused of biting, headbutting deputies PUNTA GORDA — A man living at an assisted care facility was arrested Tuesday for allegedly attacking Charlotte County deputies who attempted to serve him a court order. Heywood Dean Musselwhite, 69, was charged with one count of resisting arrest with violence and two counts of battery against a first responder. Charlotte County deputies arrived at the Southern Heritage Home on Berry Ro
  6. When we were making our weekend trips from PG to Titusville, we'd drop around $8 in tolls each way. We finally got sick of it and detoured to non-toll roads. Time-wise, it was hardly noticeable. That $8 saved each way paid for the drinks at Dixie Crossroads.
  7. For years I hated the Pats, Brady and Belicheck. Envy hate. But I always marveled at how they would bring in new guys and somehow got the best out of them. Of course, my perspective comes from watching the Bears do just the opposite for far too long. If the Bears drafted Brady and Gronk, they would both be sitting in a pub somewhere, their bodies beat to shit, heading for oblivion rather than the Hall of Fame. Be grateful you aren't a Bears fan.
  8. For a team that started a rookie QB, I thought they did pretty good. At the start of the season I don't remember anyone talking about what a great pick they made in Mac Jones. But they developed him very well. Unlike Da Bears.
  9. Tornado stories... John Rappold was awakened Sunday morning by what sounded like a freight train coming through his lanai. He stood up and then ducked to the ground as the walls of his manufactured home crashed down on him. As the 79-year-old dug himself out, his wife, Sallie Bennett heard the sounds of a pontoon boat smashing into her car window and landing just feet away from her neighbor’s bedroom. “That boat flew from the canal over a house and into mine and my neighbor’s yards,” said Bennett, 82, of the 110 mph tornado winds that ripped through Gasparilla -
  10. McMaster-Carr was putting an addition on their warehouse just outside Chicago some years ago. When I got there the work was a few weeks from finished. They put all the new construction workers through a safety class that felt like boot camp. And every morning the employees, who arrived about an hour after us, had to walk through a roped off path in the warehouse that took them from the parking lot to their work stations or offices. The young women who worked there were put on display for the construction workers to ogle every morning. That whole experience was creepy. I was only
  11. Dixie Crossroads is awesome. The boat we bought was in Titusville and we would hit that place every time we went there to get her ready to sail back home. But it's a bit of a drive from Tampa, like across the state.
  12. Another non-fiction book from around the same time is The Three Year Swim Club. They were called "the ditch kids" because they swam in the sugar cane ditches in Hawaii, too poor to have a public pool in which to swim. From those kids came some of the greatest swimmers in the world at that time. Great read!
  13. From the mouths of babes... “I don’t want everybody to vote,” Paul Weyrich, an influential conservative activist, said in 1980. “As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.” ------------------------------- a Trump campaign aide was recorded saying: “Traditionally it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes in places.” ------------------------------- The Guardian 3/30/2020: Donald Trump admitted on Monday that making it easier to vote in America would hurt the Republican party. The president m
  14. Jules

    Job Done

    What's in it for the politicians? Without greasing their palms, nothing's gonna happen.
  15. ...tornadoes. Just had several drop in the other day and, with laser accuracy, wipe out a number of double wides.
  16. "The sky is falling" pretty much sums the party message today.
  17. I read none of the major media outlets covered his hugely big rally in AZ. Faux News hardly mentioned it. But I'm sure TFG will keep at it until the donations stop.
  18. From the pages of people who don't believe in science: Florida tops states for new arrivals Repeat after me Global warming is a hoax Ocean sea levels are not rising Florida will always be here
  19. Congresscritters protect their own, even if from the other side of the aisle.
  20. Unfortunately, we are addicted to being "proven" right and social media has made billions on it. And, oh yeah, politicians have fared pretty well, too. There's a lot of money to be made controlling the thoughts of the masses.
  21. It worked for TFG. Just ask him.
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