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  1. Something like 600 people a day are moving to Florida. Reports are many of them want to escape the virus and/or the oppressive restrictions some governors have used in an attempt to slow the spread of the pandemic - like mask wearing. Florida is leading the country in cases reported, about 20% of the nation's cases. And now... Orlando Area Now In ‘Crisis Mode’ Amid Covid-19 Surge, Mayor Says
  2. Published: July 26, 2021 6:03 pm ‘We are in crisis mode:’ Orange County seeing nearly 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, leaders say AdventHealth moves to red status as new hospitalizations increase ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County leaders gave a somber update on the county’s COVID-19 response Monday. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings was joined by Dr. Raul Pino, of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, and Dr. Victor Herrera, of AdventHealth. This briefing came as Florida is once again seeing a spike in the number of new coronavirus cases a
  3. It's how fascist leaders roll. Goes back to my thread about why do people believe politicians over experts.
  4. That's because Floridians know everyone here is armed to the teeth.
  5. And they will get away with it. Their viewers are bobble heads.
  6. You really need to read what you are commenting on. I said Biden championed the bill that denied students the ability to discharge their debt through bankruptcies. And that is a fact. He also backed the PACE program. That, too, is a fact. Both were vehicles that led to predatory lending and targeted the young, the old, the poor and the trusting. Another fact. All for the glory of the banksters. That's who Joe Biden is. This puts him in the same league as the TFG and his R-eich. Make your weak comparisons all you want but all you're doing is saying your thief is not as bad as
  7. But suddenly they are doing a 180. DeSantis, Scalise, McConnell... Even FOX is telling people to get vaccinated. Must be because they don't want an another economic shutdown.
  8. What is most shocking is how many people would read or hear that kind of political bullshit and simply accept it. We see that today. Some well known leader or TV talking head makes illogical remarks and people just nod in agreement. There seems to be no desire to stop and think. Maybe they should call themselves The Lemming Society. (and I just googled that to see if it already exists, and sure enough...)
  9. It's the end result that matters. All but the eternally faithful know TFG lies as a matter of policy. And most of his lies had no effect. But when a politician puts on the "I care for you" act, people tend to believe that lie. As an example - Biden championed the "anti-bankruptcy law" which specifically targeted students, who he knew were easy prey, in order to boost bank profits. In the process that law ruined a lot of young people's lives and resulted in predatory lending and an enormous national debt. Bur Biden's banksters were happy. Much worse than the crazy as shit lies TFG to
  10. Was in St. Augustine once. Did the fort tour, walked the streets, but it was getting to that time of day, when the sun fries you to a crisp. Found a place across the street where we stayed, the Santa Maria Restaurant, built over the water. It was a dump but we were thirsty. The bartender was the only employee. He looked like an old surfer dude. We ordered a couple of rum runners. We were in heaven! The drinks were excellent, the view of the water was great, and the AC was blasting the heat out of us. Fond memory.
  11. Now that COVID cases in Florida are surging... OMAHA, Neb. — Several states scaled back their reporting of COVID-19 statistics this month just as cases across the country started to skyrocket, depriving the public of real-time information on outbreaks, cases, hospitalizations and deaths in their communities. When Florida changed the frequency of its virus reporting earlier this month, officials said it made sense given the decreasing number of cases and the increasing number of people being vaccinated. Cases started soaring soon after, and Florida earlier this week made up up on
  12. States scale back virus reporting just as cases surge Nation Jul 24, 2021 1:39 PM EDT OMAHA, Neb. — Several states scaled back their reporting of COVID-19 statistics this month just as cases across the country started to skyrocket, depriving the public of real-time information on outbreaks, cases, hospitalizations and deaths in their communities. The shift to weekly instead of daily reporting in Florida, Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota marked a notable shift during a pandemic in which coronavirus dashboards have become a staple for Americans closely tracking case c
  13. Drugs and alcohol killed so many of his brain cells that there's nothing left to combat the brain cell killing effects of aging.
  14. Sure, but I don't remember seeing politicians as the omnipotent ones and if anyone disagrees with them, the disagreers are immediately called liars. It seems most people today wouldn't get the old joke, "What do you call 500 politicians at the bottom of the ocean?"
  15. They all lie. If that's both-sideism to you, maybe consider taking off the rose colored glasses when looking at the Dems.
  16. Not to worry. Florida is still accepting new residents.
  17. Huh? Does that mean you accept the bullshit from one bullshitter than the other because you've justified it? My question about why anyone believes politicians still stands...
  18. Maybe I expected chain to cost less, but the online searches I've done so far made my eyeballs pop out. That is, the prices.
  19. You know how the milky white pronounce Punta Gorda? Punt-a, as in a football. You know how they pronounce Agui Esta Drive? Ah-kwee Esta. Did you know some people here say it's the whitest city in America? To its credit however, back in the early days, there was a strong African American presence in local businesses. It was close to 50-50, black/white. But a lot of people who retire here are clueless about that. One newbie said an African American city council member, whose family goes back over 100 years here, didn't belong on the city council because "he doesn't even
  20. I was born and raised in the Windy City, so named because of our windbag politicians, and I grew up believing all politicians lie. If you took the word of a politician at face value, you were a fool. I still believe that today because I can't think of many politicians who give two shits about the truth. When the alarms started sounding for me was when Ted Cruz, one of the biggest bullshitters on the planet, said climate change was a hoax. Any earlier examples when throngs of people shunned the experts because their politician told them to?
  21. Mr. Everything may be seeing the light, considering all the legal hot water he's in. From his 666 building shenanigans to whatever crimes he committed for TFG, he's probably finding cooperation religion much more palatable than having another Orange Julius for breakfast.
  22. Agree. We went there once, pre-COVID, and weren't at all impressed. Maybe the vandals just want Plaza Mexico to take their place. It's interesting, though, that the vandals knew when the owner was spending the night there. Maybe they knew his vehicle.
  23. Is this guy so weak that he can't stand up without TFG holding him up like a ventriloquist's puppet?
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