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  1. Tracker sucks big time, but true. Fair point
  2. Anyone knows the marks for Leg 3? Impossible to find on the notice board
  3. Well, crazy if they think non sailors don’t watch because they don’t understand knots. Nuts.
  4. Boris just announced the build of a new IMOCA for the TOR and the VG 2024. 11th Hour won't be alone any more!
  5. Xavi's involvement in SailGP is part-time. He is very likely going to lead the TOR Spanish campaign, that under the contract with Alicante needs to be at the starting line no matter what. The deadline for a new build is looming on the horizon, thus, very likely the Spanish are going to use an old IMOCA for it.
  6. Boris just sold his boat to Attanasio. He has got no boat currently
  7. Conrad is sailing on board Ambersail. No commenting then
  8. Nuts. But trying to reach a wider audience you create three new problems: -you are likely to loose your core (and only) audience - speed in km/h tends to be quite slow compared to any car out there. 50 knots sounds like vow, 92 km/h like mehhh - what about the Americans using miles per hour?!?? They don’t understand km/h either. as a compromise, let’s put both speeds out there on screen, knots and km/h (and mph !)
  9. great article indeed, but Phil is also quoting the wind in km/h... arrrgggrgrggrrgg.
  10. Please quote the speed on km/h!!!
  11. Please quote the wind in km/h! crazy that they are doing so. Alienating the only fans they have (the sailing community) to reach the masses that are too dumb to understand knots. Nuts.
  12. Mixing knots with km/h
  13. the Lithuanian VO65 Ambersail is also confirmed
  14. Agree. The clash with the RdR is nuts as it takes away any potential motivation to take part at the TOR for the main IMOCA teams. Running the TOR with just one new boat and various "lower level" old boats is doubtful... . I am still unsure how are they planning the logistics for a race with the two classes IMOCA and VO65. The arrivals are going to be widespread, resulting in longer stopovers, larger costs... . Anyhow, with 8 weeks to go the start of the Europe Ocean Race, confirmed entries, I believe: IMOCA: 11th Hour, Corum, LinkedOut VO65: Mirpuri Anyone else??
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