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  1. you are mistaken.... there is a japanese company that sold more cars and trucks last year... toyota......
  2. damn those two look unhappy. that pick belongs at the "white people mourning romney" tumblr. classic shot... boner is such a fucking tool...
  3. Is this accurate ? 25 boats sold/delivered for North America 30-35 boats for Europe 5-10 boats for Asia. if accurate, impressive....60-70 boats in 2 years in this economy at $300K++ is no small feat.
  4. RoyToy, we live for this shit... and, please don't go yet...we are just warming up here..
  5. pass the popcorn...this has some potential....
  6. Opinions are like assholes..... anyway, seems that the only opinions that really count are the 32 orders with cash down....rest is just bullshit... how many other builders have orders in hand for 32 brand new quarter million dollar boats? hard pressed to come up with any except maybe melges...
  7. Dude. Your Icon is badass! He should be put on trial for war crimes. Seriously.

  8. janer, we've never met, and never will, but i like you a lot..... i'm thinking that if you play this right, it could turn into a lot more than 15 minutes....
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