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  1. Can't comment 're Hendo as we do not have any in Australia. Have spent last 12 years racing is Tiger in a mixed PHF fleet in Sydney's Super30's. Fleet varies year to year bot normally 3 or 4 Tigers and 2or 3 F30's plus an assortment of Melges32's various outright sports boats plus various J boats who would like to be Sports yachts but can't match it down wind. Would you believe that the consistently fastest is a 20 year-old pimped Hick30 by Robert Hick from Melbourne Australia. Various boats have tried to take on this fleet over the years but came up short. A couple o
  2. I can't believe that I read to the end of this thread. Must be the isolation although sailing starting to ramp up again in Australia due to our sensible handling of the Covid19 disaster. We still have 8 FT10'S racing on Sydney Harbour. Every one of the skippers and crew loves them. 3 of these still use the original cassette and rudder. There seems to be no discernable difference in performance between the rudder systems. Much bigger difference due to rig set up and sails. Of the consistently fastest two Tigers one has carbon rudder and one original rudder setup. Tigers are
  3. We find that if there is any water in the line normally between fan and engine box the performance drops significantly. It's difficult to stop wet sections forming given the way the line runs over bulkheads.
  4. We do not use sailtite or any other sealant in the partners. We made up some T shaped slides to take up the side to side movement, allows fore and aft movement. Made from Nylon bread board. Correct rig tension holds the rig where it should be. We put a $10 rubber plumbing seal over the tees , clamped top and bottom with Stainless banding. Works like a charm. You would have seen this set up on Balmain Tiger when you visited Sydney before purchasing your NZ Tiger. We get some lateral movement under Kite as we hear it squeak. Would rather that then have the rig bending from the partners.
  5. No further alignment aids are required. We thought they may be but having fitted it, it is perfectly self aligning. The box is so snug in the well that it actually aligns the motor for you. The only minor adjustments we need relate to the flush of the door with the hull. We used two wedges on the stern end which have pushed the leading edge down approx 5mm. Easy fix to sort this.

  6. It should work. I noticed the door flange and started to think ( often very dangerous ). The motor is loose in its mounting and can turn which could affect how clean the door closes. My immediate thought is the addition of guides with a long taper would make alignment bullet proof.

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