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  1. BR3232


    Went to the KA site expecting to see a $1500au price tag... $4k !?!?!?!?
  2. Laterally, not longitudinally, for clarification.
  3. That's a very convenient answer for your vague definition.
  4. I don't really see foils falling into any of these. If a sailing vessel uses two points with air in between them for stability, what is it?
  5. I guess the Moth class needs to update its rules then.
  6. The proposed design from TNZ is a multihull if both foils are in the water.
  7. Have a showing in Australia, a fair few people like sailing here.
  8. And now that distributors are getting involved it'll be yonks until it's available to watch and when it finally is it'll probably on a dumb platform like iTunes with pointless region locking. Take my money
  9. Why don't producers just let people watch their content? Seriously, take my fucking money.
  10. An app that charges hundreds of dollars in yearly subscription fees can't afford to pay developers to do proper development? Nice. That's what the iOS beta channel is for.
  11. Wild Rose? Saw it sailing yesterday.
  12. Wand needs to be set way longer to foil easily and consistently in flat water, I'm sure they'll figure out eventually. Another big one is getting over heel-to-leeward syndrome. Can't tell if the bow up attitude is lack of rudder lift or sitting too far back, probably both, Dave?
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