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  1. Yikes, all that, and apparently I’m the triggered one. You’re deeply insecure and the original premise of your comment about the severity of covid is flawed in equal depth.
  2. And yet it's killed 1098 people - according to the numbers you provided - with extremely harsh restrictions. Good job, you played yourself. Aren't boomers who talk about this stuff doing it on Facebook and conservative Telegram groups, and the Sky News Youtube comment section anyway? Not sure why you're spouting this nonsense here where you can't cheer each other on. You also appear to be anti-vax which makes you look even worse. How embarrassing I'm meant to be going to Hobart so I'm not sure why I'm not allowed to support this side of the argument. Are you going? Oh, the app is th
  3. Deaths from Covid without restrictions would be many times your 4124 number. How people miss this incredibly simple fact is beyond me. Let me ask you a simple question: How many deaths do you think there would be without restrictions? You've done the modelling, I presume, because you know that it would be less than what... 4124? The common thread I find amongst people like you that I meet is that they know precisely nothing about health or medicine, know no-one who works in healthcare, and generally have zero capability in thinking for themselves despite bragging about 'I LoOk At ThE
  4. Hopes for Hobart have taken a hit... vax rates will surely fall off noticeably after ~80%
  5. BR3232


    Went to the KA site expecting to see a $1500au price tag... $4k !?!?!?!?
  6. Laterally, not longitudinally, for clarification.
  7. That's a very convenient answer for your vague definition.
  8. I don't really see foils falling into any of these. If a sailing vessel uses two points with air in between them for stability, what is it?
  9. I guess the Moth class needs to update its rules then.
  10. The proposed design from TNZ is a multihull if both foils are in the water.
  11. Have a showing in Australia, a fair few people like sailing here.
  12. And now that distributors are getting involved it'll be yonks until it's available to watch and when it finally is it'll probably on a dumb platform like iTunes with pointless region locking. Take my money
  13. Why don't producers just let people watch their content? Seriously, take my fucking money.
  14. An app that charges hundreds of dollars in yearly subscription fees can't afford to pay developers to do proper development? Nice. That's what the iOS beta channel is for.
  15. Wand needs to be set way longer to foil easily and consistently in flat water, I'm sure they'll figure out eventually. Another big one is getting over heel-to-leeward syndrome. Can't tell if the bow up attitude is lack of rudder lift or sitting too far back, probably both, Dave?
  16. Bloody hell, there's *another* one design dinghy coming soon??? Let me guess - 'you can have any colour as long as it's white', fibreglass/foam sandwich construction, lowish freeboard with a fine bow, basic carbon stayless rig, ~6m² moderate square top mylar semi-battened main and $2000 more than a Laser. Bonus: 'the best one design dinghy racing yet', 'a new, exciting racing series/circuit', 'for anyone - beginners to expert racers looking for the next challenge' ...how many points do I get?
  17. It's incredibly hard to build any new class. J70 obviously knocked it out of the park on boats sold, and the regattas still draw big numbers, but they canabalized a lot of classes too. Dinghies are even harder because there's not the same dealer network or sail maker support. We'd probably all be better off with something other than FJ's or 420's, but good luck changing the high school and college culture. All these new boats will sell a couple of hundred units. Maybe Melges has the financial stamina to outlast and out market a couple of them. Maybe they combine a 14 regatta with a
  18. How many new single handed One Design™dinghies that have come out in the last 5 years really catch on? VX Evo? D-One? Stealth? MC Scow? RS Whatever? etc These classes are shitloads better than Lasers and no doubt fun a bit of fun to take out in a good breeze but do they ever reach the aspirations of the creators? This niche has a bandwagon feel about it in recent times.
  19. Let me rephrase. The concept is good, the execution is dangerous. Those foils hanging out the sides are going to kill someone, be it the crew or someone else on the water. The WAZSP? Proven concept, safe execution. The UFO looks safe and very accessible too, but the Quant is madness. I want more, accessible foilers just like everyone else but I'd prefer that it safe for those sailing foilers and those who share the water with them.
  20. They can't avoid it, that set up is extremely dangerous for both the crew and other sailors. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be sailing near that thing in a large boat, much less a dinghy with a 2m long pointy foil at face height. Are we all talking about the same thing here? The UFO, which is what this thread is about, with its t-foils underneath the catamaran-like hull? Actually, I think you're talking about the Quant thing that douggie is obsessing over in the wrong thread. Sorry... The Quant, which is a ridiculous concept. But in regards to the UFO, it isn't rea
  21. They can't avoid it, that set up is extremely dangerous for both the crew and other sailors. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be sailing near that thing in a large boat, much less a dinghy with a 2m long pointy foil at face height.
  22. Hobie Bravo? [if anyone is wondering, I am taking it upon myself to officially declare this post as a joke]
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