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  1. These type of boats are pretty unforgiving, sailing needs to be perfect 24/7. Slowing the boat down might work but also going the other way could be the option that makes you competitive. About the race you mentioned: what boat was the winner and what were the elapsed/corrected times? What scoring option was used?
  2. Thanks. Bigger map, more space for number boxes
  3. Maybe a stubid question... Does expedition work/display properly on a widescreen display? So far I have only used 4:3 aspect ratio monitors.
  4. Does anyone have actual targets for Soto 40? In approx OD config.
  5. Flex issues, that's not good to hear. Do you have more details? Or maybe someone else can chime in? Looking for a new boat with limited budget is hard...
  6. Bold statement. Wonder what changes we will see at the ORC ratings next year.
  7. Looking at Canadian "predominantly upwind TOT" and "predominantly Downwind TOT" scratch sheets. Soto would need to be 4:30 faster per hour downwind and 2:40 per hour faster upwind. Does that sound doable?
  8. The search continues, so far the Soto is my favorite. The big questions is can it sail to it's rating and beat the Swan 42's and X-41's in ORC?
  9. I mean for example the D-ring which already has Spin. guy block. Can that double as a clipping point?
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll check if I can get a battery for the floating cheapie ICOM ??? H/H VHF i have, if not will just need to get a new one. Luckily they have removed the requirement for DSC handheld. Was bit of a overkill. Other point I think has changed is clipping points for 2/3 of the crew, what is defined as a clipping point? and can it be used to hold other things as well, we say a spin block? "enable two-thirds of the crew to be simultaneously clipped on without depending on jackstays"
  11. I think this has changed since last edition? So Cat. 3 needs to have a grab bag, Orange bag or WT-container, what the items below? 4.21 a) a watertight hand-held marine VHF transceiver with spare batteries 4.21 b) a watertight flashlight with spare batteries and bulb 4.21 c) 3 red hand flares So H/H VHF with removable battery is not easy to find unless going for GMDSS stuff which a bit of an overkill for small boats? Any workaround for this? What bout flashlight w/ batteries and bulb. Do I really have to buy some crappy old SOLAS (non-LED) flashlight, batteries an
  12. You can for sure get it with stripcharts? We say start logging CSE, HDG & COG for reference?
  13. Nice boat. Problem with MAT's is that they rate very poorly.
  14. Thanks for all the comments and ideas. Now I have a C/R that does well in the ORC, even againt X-41's. Thinking about moving into something bit more faster. The "triumph" of CS42's, X-41's is on a limit to give the ORC rule a (negative) reputation. So far my favorite looks wise is Ker40+, but over budget. Suggested GS42R could be made to be a winner, but is not the type I am looking for.
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