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  1. George (RMYS) and a number of the crew (SYC) are still sailing.
  2. Should the crew contribute to the sailing coach cost? Off topic I find it more disruptive when there is a mix of Pro (paid to sail) and Amateurs on board.
  3. Looks ace, jib car a little to far back?
  4. How do i find the results? I note "Kashmir" crew list below, "Twirler" is doing Leeward runners as a grade 3. The non pros must be bloody good... Thought these boats were OD? Crew Info Name Position ISAF Country Karl Brummel Pit Group 1 USA Connor Corg
  5. That's about 180K in Aussie$, "tell him he's dreaming" https://images.app.goo.gl/iWQok6nFYmV23bXb9 You can have mine for that, and its got a wheel.
  6. When picking up our 2nd for AMS for the Range Series this year, they also gave me 3rd for PHS, should I be concerned?
  7. Maybe a division(s) for OD, all Melbourne and Geelong keel boat clubs have Syd 38's except RMYS, not sure if all clubs have J24 & S80? Super 11 seems to be getting some traction, add them as well + IRC & AMS.
  8. Tell us what you really think FB! I got a minute into watching it and switched it off, could have been a lot better.
  9. The windward mark was to leeward of the hitch which made for a bad traffic jam. There was a S38 that definitely did not round the windward mark, but there were also a couple of others that went straight to the hitch. We (SC) pulled out at the hitch mark after we could not round it. Hi Don, We assumed that it was the hitch mark not the windward mark adrift. I tried to contact the sailing office at RBYC by phone after the race without success. I then sent an email to them when I got home (copy below). I followed up with a phone call today and Simon advised that the windward mark (A)
  10. I was told the cutoff for Div 0 was 1.000 which is probably reasonable. What you have described leaves the S38s and others having to do some rather long courses and finishing 30 to 45 minutes (possibly more) behind the first Div 0 boat in a standard Range windward - leeward course. Will they have the Div 0 x 2 race's format in the Range series again this year ? Attempting to get reasonable class racing in the S38 fleet with quick 50+ footers on the start line will be difficult. 2 races on Range days for div 0 If this goes ahead we may give mixed fleet racing away and
  11. Proposed division splits for this Summer KEELBOAT PERFORMANCE HANDICAPS RULES 2009/2010 1. Divisions 1.1 Performance handicap racing will be divided into three divisions depending on the performance of boats and may be reviewed and revised periodically. Div 0 0.940 and above Div 1 0.870 to 939 Div 2 0.800 to 0.869 Div 3 0.799 & below. RECOMMENDED ALLOCATION OF CLASSES INTO DIVISIONS Beneteau 40.7 Division 1 11m OD Division 1 Sydney 38 Division 0 Adams 10 Division 1 Young 88 Division 2 Diamond Division 2 Farr 1020
  12. TBG, I know who won't be winning the Corinthian division! How many Pro's have you got on?
  13. Stick broke at deck level. Condolences to skipper and crew who have put a lot of effort into this project. But jeeze, it's going to be quick when they get it right. You serious?
  14. TE, thanks for the congrats on the dock after the race, we had our non regatta 2S up and about 5 seconds after we saw 30 knots T, it exploded. I recon Rob on SR had a firm grip on the wheel when the breeze came up, he still had the big bag up and with TBG on the bow. Apparently they also Chinesed it 5 minute prior, my crew got cranky when I started to watch. Didn’t see Don and Rossco during the race, were they racing div 0!
  15. 1.103 looks quite attractive, but who cares about IRC or OD, PHD is the division we are interested in. We just need to get "insuranceguy" to steer for us so we can optimize for it. A.M "who cares about IRC or OD..." That would have to be the biggest load of horse droppings I have heard out of you in years. Are you sure you didn't choke when writing that???? Don, The note of Sarcasm was lost on you. Cheers Andrew
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