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  1. My 1985 Laser 28 has a tiller extension notch. It's pretty handy for quick trip forward while single handing. Nice mainsail flake.
  2. Explain how STW works tied to the dock with a 43 wheel transducer that you claim to have please? Is your transducer located just aft or forward of the prop?
  3. Just for shits and giggles, and it will be easy to try, take the gps unit out of the system temporarily and see if you get the STW to display. If it does, add the gps back in to nmea system and see if the STW will still display.
  4. This is from fall of last year in 11-13knots. Not sure if you have done anything to your rig since then. Your genny often looks under trimmed to us. Hope this helps. Love to see you in our fleet someday soon.
  5. ^^^ Yeah, like feed bucket. Try Fortex Buckets as a search.
  6. ...and have a compression test done. That may supply you with more clues to the problem. Is it running ok other than smoke? Hell, that could be bad diesel fuel. They chug like crazy so thats normal. Just the one cylinder.
  7. Beta might be a replacement option. Costly. Take a look, or ask around in the Lake Ontario Laser 28 FB page.
  8. You may want to look at what each cut in the sail cover is going to cost too.
  9. Are you considering current? Can you calibrate STW through the Garmin display menu? If so, I suggest detaching any gps units from the network before doing so. Run the calibration, then put gps back in the network.
  10. I have the YDWG-02 as well. Works well, easy setup. nmea 2000 capable wifi with it's own customizable data readouts. So you can look at readouts on iPad as soon as you have it setup in the network.
  11. Yeah, I think the Karver's are probably overkill, but I did mention power concerns in a previous post so good to know. Also pretty pricey. I'm replacing Barbarossa 32.2st...I think they are from two different eras. I estimate my sheet loads to max out around 650lbs. Antal 30 seems to fit the load requirement and the winch pad base. Not sure if the race version is worth the extra $$$.
  12. Damn! Those are sweetspensive in a small package.
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