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  1. Pip is up to something. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLKfXJHLK4p
  2. So the question now is whether Boris gets any penalty for the crash.
  3. There is a live coverage scheduled for 10:00 UTC.
  4. Acetone works quite well, and it is not really carcinogenic. But, you need to be quick as Sikaflex (well, the brandname covers a huge number of products, so let's say most of them) cures to humidity, so it cures really quickly in contact with the humid skin and once cured it is much harder to clean off from the pores of the skin. Then mostly time is the best solvent. Like for many other things. SIka actually provides a Sikafelx remover, but acetone is much cheaper. For cured Sikaflex they recommends mechanical methods, in addition with trying to soften with acetone or isopropyl.
  5. I believe in this case officer is actually higher level than the knight.
  6. Istvan has arrived, if anyone is still following.
  7. Windpilot's response on the windvane problems. http://windpilot.com/blog/en/golden-globe-race/istvan-kopar/
  8. Looks like the Windpilot doesn't work well with wheels. The manufacturer was there before the start to fine tune it for Istvan, but it is suspect that this vane is suited for tillers. Cousot has a similar setup and problems.
  9. I don't know. I think we'll see better attrition rates than in some of the high tech races. Unless some of the skippers maybe die of old age, which I hope will not happen.
  10. Well, he did arrive at Les Sables d’Olonne in 9 days, so now we have a proof that an IMOCA boat can do 9-10 knots with a piece of steel tube as mast. Whoaw, Looking cool. What looks great, goes fast is the old rule isn't it? 11021260_691518830983526_2173197832264064683_n.png
  11. Check out the pics on the next generation welded steel mast that SoH is being fitted out with. http://spiritofhungary.hu/soh-60-madeira-megkezdodtek-a-szuksegarboc-es-vitorlazatanak-elkeszitesi-munkai/ Before you freak out, this is the temporary rig to take SoH home from Madeira.
  12. well - none of the keels or masts(*) have failed (*) - or have they? I think I read of spreader problems. I count 7 new rule masts. 1 normal spreader mast on SOH, which has dropped, in good conditions. 6 wing masts with deck spreaders on the mustache boats. 1 of them has not been raced yet, the other 5 are in the TJV. The one on HB has dropped. Gitana had problems with broken mast / deck fittings (and other assorted issues) leading to an ABD, call it half a failure. The new keel had half a failure with SOH in the BWR, repeatedly broken keel bolts. Possibly caused by s
  13. I don't know if there were any investigation, but Nandor Fa said in a recent interview that the keel bolts had been redesigned. So that probably be considered as an admission of bad design. He previously blamed material fault.
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