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  1. Yes - Kishmul was green. She was a surprise success in the 1979 Auckland-Suva. Already several years out of date, the race was light and on the wind almost all the way. If I recall she placed well on IOR and may have won her division.
  2. In the early '90s, I was in my mid 20s, I remember a Cowes Week ('90 or '91) when Barracuda of Tarrant was docked next to us (Aida - ex Promotion V). After one race a number of us were socializing in Barracuda's cockpit and Bob was pouring the G&Ts. I had been reading his stuff since childhood but it was the first time I met him. I remember thinking it doesn't get much better than this - Bob Fisher pouring me a gin. A met him a handful of times subsequently and always enjoyed the encounters. Sad news.
  3. I thought they (in the search zone) were at about 9 degrees east and about 40.7 south. Mea culpa if I have that wrong.
  4. The cargo ship (41 56S 7 04E) that was steaming to the search zone, appears to have resumed its course to the east and is no longer en route to the search zone.
  5. I may have messed up my math (it wouldn't be the first time). I'm getting sunrise at 0346 UTC. There should be a long twilight - but fully overcast.
  6. There is currently about 12 NM between the north and south sides of the circle. The two boats close together were less than 2 nautical miles apart as of 5 minutes ago.
  7. Muzza

    not fun

    Yes - in 1982 she had some new-fangled technology. Multiple data sources interfaced to an HP 85 computer; a B&G Hercules 190, a Loran receiver and a SatNav (remember those?). Polar predictions were stored in the computer. All this high falutin stiff wasn't even legal in some regattas - though it was to be so within a short time. I was still using a sextant and the seat of my pants. Jealous much.
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