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  1. Just two days of skiing last winter. I always start and end late as I prefer ample coverage and no crowds. Hoping for a Covid-19-free Spring. We’ll see.
  2. Well, well... look who’s wearing a mask now!
  3. Does anyone have a link to the full Michael Caputo Facebook live video? I did a lot of searching, but all I got were a minute or two excerpts—the full video is 26 minutes.
  4. Power boats? Stinkpots? What part of “SAILING Anarchy” do you folks not get? Sheesh!
  5. Well, I am assembling the furler in a bicycle shop, so why not use the tools avaliable? They work very well. (So far I have only used Park Tools, have not had to dig into the Campy Tool kit yet.) You have a Campagnolo tool kit?! The big one or the little one?
  6. When I first saw that "inkblot" I saw a stylized vulva and thought Georgia O'Keefe. Only saw the mermaids later. Did I pass the Rorschach test?
  7. So odd and ungainly looking that it's kinda cool.
  8. Dragging that inflatable "boat" behind Frances Lee is just so wrong. It's like having a big zit on it's ass. (and it's a fine looking ass) Mr. bottles, you should have a proper tender that would bob along behind FL on a reasonble length painter.
  9. And the COTB is about half of that if I recall correctly.
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