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  1. Lots of debris out there this week. Most of it along the tide lines. Ad in crab season being opened two weeks ago and it's a bit of a obstacle course out there. Thankfully winds have behaved this week making it easy stuff to spot. That changes today, however WL
  2. Yes, it was. The full audio recording is mysteriously missing, but it was hysterical to listen to. Politics in this state are screwy in almost every facet. So, of course the State Patrol should be in charge of the Fire Academy. In my defense, I quit teaching there before it happened so I can plead ignorance. WL
  3. And occasionally the water recovery/separator fails. This is what happens when you let the State Police be in charge of the State Fire Academy...…. WL
  4. The hawks choked badly against the Ravens and ETIII. Pathetic performance. Not taking away anything from Lamar. That guys got serious wheels. The following are posted because they are funny, not to dog any particular team.
  5. That and the picture of a typical summer day on Lake Washington in post #25340..... Never move here!!!!! WL
  6. Seahawks managed another squeaker and is it just me or has the officiating really taken a shit this year?? They have always been borderline incompetent, but now its bordering on the corrupt!! Elsewhere in a battle for NFC West, the 49ers might just be legit WL
  7. Looking at the video it reminds me of a race car spinning its tires before getting traction and launching. Once those cleats pulled out it really launched!! WL
  8. Article says that one part of the building is still stable?? WTF?? Was that assessment made by the same engineer that designed it?? I know squat about engineering and only slightly more about commercial construction techniques. But there is no way that isn't a complete (and careful) teardown. S+R efforts should be with drones. Otherwise you are risking lives unnecessarily. WL
  9. Not to go all tin hat, but I think that state of the Nations electrical grid is going to be what will sink us in the next 10 years. Consumption growing at record rates, poor maintenance and poorer planning of the systems. Imagine how long civilized people remain civilized when nothing electrical works for not just a few days, but a few weeks. If it crashes...…. (yes, I know, take it to PA) WL
  10. Most everything at Bob's (any of them) is top notch. My personal favorite is the Hawaiian Burger. 1/4 lb burger, shaved ham and a pineapple ring with swiss cheese melted over the top. Mouth watering...... End Hijack WL
  11. Nothing on commercial other than the Brown Bastion brewery just 5 min out of town next to the golf course. Have 4 or 5 screens going. Bowlingalley has a bar with a few games (or did last I was there) Sports keg in Burlington A couple in old downtown Mt. Vernon WL
  12. How epic of a meltdown would that have to be for the Patriots to fall to the Giants. While the kid that replaced Eli is playing well, it wont be nearly enough. WL
  13. Yep. That's an impressive defensive line! Plus some very speedy players on offense. Looking forward to the Hawks first matchup with them. They face the Rams next week and it will be their toughest opponent to date. WL
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