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  1. You get what you pay for and you have to ask yourself if it is worth your time and the frustration...
  2. Why not just cancel the order? I would have done so on day 10, and I see no reason why you are still waiting. Do they have some item that is nowhere else available? I would be surprised if they did.
  3. I am wondering: what is the advantage of flying only a couple of feet above the water? Seems a recipe for disaster.
  4. Roque or rogue... I am always wondering about these so-called rogue waves: isn't it sort of expected that in some conditions and the merging of wind, and currents, different seas, etc. that some waves will be big. I would not call the rogue necessarily.
  5. slight misalignment of target audience...
  6. So it is on the FP now, sort of. Hancock story, who of course makes it about him sailing with Finn years ago. But it is there. Conclusion: SA is off course by about two weeks only.
  7. Don't know. There is also a sailboat that sank just west of the Richmond YC. I am not sure if it has been lifted now, but I think it has been there for a month, fairly close to the spot a boat was anchored since February or so. I am wondering why in this day and age boats or not salvaged immediately. It is not in anybodies way, but I am sure it is leaking something...
  8. No. the comment was intended to not take any practice as "just a convention." History is full of shitty conventions with a troubled past. I should not have made the Hitler comparison though.
  9. Electric boats are the future. Some European countries are moving that direction quickly. in 2025 Amsterdam will not allow non-electric boats in the canals. If that deadline will be met is questionable, but the push is there. On the survey: one of the things I learned doing research is if there is a small incentive you will get a ton more responses. It can be as simple as a chance to win a gift certificate.
  10. Some idiotic jetskiers and powerboaters should be required to go through a Kafka-like bureaucracy. I have not heard of such requirements before. Is this in a particularly dangerous area, or one that has a military base?
  11. I would not just take boat building as one industry. It really depends. Beneteau and the like have such a large market that they apparently can get away with some bad builds. Quality control is poor. Smaller builders, on the other hand, have to keep up the standards or will lose contracts and be out of business. A small builder just cannot get away with a leak, broken toilet, or non-fitting rig. This is purely anecdotal, but I have heard of several poor builds of oversees boats build by French builders (Beneho and Jenneau). Are they sending the crappiest ones to the US and China? Like I
  12. I am probably missing something, but IIRC this is done on a regular basis, or is Lat38 a site non grata at this point?
  13. Oh, and I forgot: The boat was built by Russell Brown, another regular here... Even a link to the Latitude 38 story would be something.
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