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  1. Was just thinking the same thing. Not sure how important a steady lab is though.
  2. Kind of hard to imagine the owner needs to be told the harbormaster wants it gone... Something tells me the owner would rather not want to be found.
  3. If I were you I would go to the Laser 28 forum and do some searches there. Just saying
  4. Not sure what you looked at, but since 3 pm local time yesterday the canal has been open. It is open 24 hours, certainly now. Some parts are one way, and there is some complicated logistics around this. As we have witnessed stopping a big container ship is not easy. Putting it in reverse needs to be planned as the prop keeps spinning for a long time (hours) after been put in neutral. The forces are great. So, they need some safety margins around the one way parts. You might thus see some empty parts of the canal because of these complications.
  5. Yes, just read that. It seems the Egyptian authorities provide a much more optimistic picture (or simply provides limited information), whereas Boskalis tells us there is a 70% chance they free it relatively soon...
  6. The other and more important part is they have to keep the hull in one piece... The loads on the hull are enormous and is not designed to withstand a situation in which stern and bow are stuck (and thus lifted up). This is why they take relatively small steps and take it easy on the ship. BTW I am reading different reports now. Some say the whole ship is free, others say the bow is still stuck in mud and that they are now adding ballast to the stern in order to free it. Since they are not moving and the reporting is pretty specific I am tempted to believe the latter.
  7. Apparently today might be the day to take it out. The rudders and props are turning again. Hight tide will help. Winds and currents are an issue. I would love to be the one having to negotiate on behalf of the salvage company. "We may need to send over a few more tugboats. They are operating on an hourly price of X. You think that is high? How many ships are not passing through the channel you said?" Not really my game, but Smit and Boskalis are great experts at marine salvage and they have powerful equipment to get the job done
  8. I have not seen all the episodes and have been wondering the same thing. Besides the ship of Theseus kind of questions, it does make sense to build a new ship. Restoration is more work and (thus) more expensive. Plus it is often the only way to do it right. Leo is a really impressive guy!
  9. Apples, oranges, whatever. If you can't see the humor of it all, well just stick to numbers indeed.
  10. So, after all this talk about Formula 1 style boat racing folks were ready for some serious porn for the speed addict. Instead they took turns in their inability to perform because they couldn't get it up... In all seriousness, this is so fucking funny! It reminded me of the Monty Python soccer match. I don't even want to know how much money they spent on a boat that is reaching back and forth between (and beyond) the boundaries of the course because it can't gain enough speed to go downwind... I mean, think about it. The only thing that would have made it even more hilarious would hav
  11. Within the lack of wisdom in choices, let's not overlook the fact that this person made a wise choice in buying a well-built boat.
  12. So, I missed the whole Prada Cup. Did anything happen?
  13. I would suggest to always film launches and retrievals. YouTube is full with boat launch fails.
  14. Interesting read (my apologies if this has been posted before): https://www.sailingworld.com/story/racing/a-view-from-inside-ineos-team-uk/ Of course, he does not give away too much information, but there is some stuff to be found between the lines. The code zero comments are interesting, I think
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