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  1. For what it is worth: I did not forget, but yeah, agreed! Totally not worth the risk. I just don't understand people owning a sailboat while too lazy to take proper care of it.
  2. Well done! May I also point out that taking off the sails would be done during I time you would typically not make any money... So whatever your hourly effective wage is, it will be 100% more than you would make by not doing anything (including posting questions on an internet forum) Of course, meanwhile the OP is either assessing his losses, or is going to post that he was right and shouldn't have worried. I hope for the latter, but sooner or later it will hit.
  3. If I had the choice between sitting behind my computer posting questions on an internet forum and taking off the sails of my sailboats to avoid potential damage I do not really see a dilemma. But then again, I love working with sails...
  4. Agreed. The problem is probably that whoever filmed that video took a class from Clean. Jeezus, I cannot watch more than 30 seconds without feeling seasick!
  5. I hope you didn't pay the $500 ... These are not horrible but I don't think the wording "good dinghy" is appropriate. $50 might be more appropriate for the silliness of not resisting.
  6. There is probably financial investment as well... Sirius seems to take free resources, fucks it up in their own environment, and then charges nitwits who like the voice of a creepy DJ.
  7. Only if you make a pedantic false statement about it
  8. I have a family member who is active on the internet. You can find all kinds of shit there apparently.
  9. You are asking permission to post a pic of his gf's tits? How civilized! In the age of consent you should probably also ask the gf herself.
  10. If I am not mistaken you are trying to use the numbers to claim it was staged. I don't know if it was staged or not. I do think it would be rather foolish to do this and I seriously doubt a SAR team would be involved in a staged rescue unless it was advertised as such. But I don't know.
  11. The rule is indeed that the pronunciation determines the use of "an" or "a." It is "an hour," and "a hotel" as well as "a historian."
  12. OK, so what are the advantages of this design? Less drag at the rear end? anything else? I doubt there is any significant reduction in weight. I can think of disadvantages: less stability, less space in the back, more expensive construction. So, my question is really: why?
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