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  1. A couple of suggestions: - post this in dinghy anarchy - if the hull fits in the existing sides of the trailer: take it off the dolly and build proper support for the gunwales - a laser hull is pretty light, so as long as you have proper padding on the trailer you can slide it on and off by yourself. - as an alternative (especially if the hull does not fit in the exiting configuration, you can widen the trailer in the rear. Then a question: what is the purpose of the lid? If you can make this work, it will be a nice trailer and I have heard that the an aero
  2. So what happened? Curious to hear if you bought the boat and how the progress has been...
  3. Funny... the fact that my (previous) location (which was not "Frisco" anyway) is made fun of by some not to be named news outlet convinces you that the ocean is not a mess... Stupid people can be found anywhere.
  4. I don't need no fucking guns Threadwell: "I would never, ever kill a bear in defense of my own life - would not go into a bear's home and kill a bear." He kept his word... Seriously, if you have not seen this film, you should. It is a lot better than anything you will see on these YouTube channels. This guy lived 12 or so summers with Grizzlies. He is fucking nuts, but is self-conscious enough to make it bearable to watch. Some of the footage is amazing and Herzog is brilliant, as he mostly is.
  5. I think you all missed the point of the ad: - fly low - act like you have no clue - and keep speeding along - so that the IRS will leave you alone
  6. Let me get this straight: some of you are whining about a young person trying to clean up our mess? We collectively made such a garbage dump of the oceans. Are we just going to do nothing? Independent of political viewpoints any sailor has witnessed first hand that the waters, rivers, lakes, canals, and the seas, are full of trash. We should all invest in cleaning up! Donate your time or money, whatever you have available. It can start on your local beach: next time bring a garbage bag and pick up some trash.
  7. Yeah, you have to stop looking after 10 seconds for sure.
  8. So true. The things is that when your neighbors hire a lawyer, even for the most ridiculous claim, you are forced to hire one too. Besides that they are expensive, the relationship with your neighbor will never be restored.
  9. Yeah, otherwise it sounds like "bayonet" Anyway, "cheap" and "project" do not go together, but if you have a trailer that can make it to CA I would be willing to learn more about the boat.
  10. Well, for what it is worth, I would most definitely watch it!
  11. Thanks for that. Wouldn't damage result exactly from not being conductive enough? As far as I understand carbon fibre: it depends on how it is constructed. I don't currently own a cf mast, so not my first worry, but it is that of the OP.
  12. Let me correct myself on one point: carbon is by itself not a good conductor. So, yes ask the builder about that.
  13. I recently read up about lightning mitigation and learned some interesting details. Rasputin is right with the angles: electric current prefers to go straight, so if your system makes an angle it might jump to another "ground." Ideally it goes straight from the top of the mast to the keel. Some things I learned: - If you do need to make an angle: 90 degrees is the absolute max with a radius of 2 feet. - If the steel in your keel is covered (for example in fiberglass), ground plates can be used instead - Not sure on the need of a copper wire. Carbon is a good conductor (be
  14. You built it yourself. Since we are talking here about a boat built by someone else, i was comparing it to having a hull built somewhere. If your own labor is free, the story is very different.
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