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  1. jeffers

    rs aero

    The laser is an old heavy boat that in Australia at least suffers from shitty build quality, a supplier that doesn't support retailers, who supplies direct to customers, who has no structure in his pricing, not exactly playing the long game. In the rest of the world, the class is suffering from infighting in many areas. Crappy quality sails, and now they have changed the rig as well. Awesome! I agree on the Laser having many faults but it is still the boat than many a budding dinghy sailor will cut their teeth on and will do so for many years to come simply because you can buy an o
  2. It isn't just me then... I thought I was special
  3. No a question was asked and I answered it as I believe to be the truth (with regards to the way the Aero halyard cleats). Feel free to correct it if you think it is wrong. Anyway it is true about the D-Zero (but then again being an apparent paid troll I would say that wouldn't I, still waiting to be paid though)
  4. The halyard is spliced onto a short piece of thicker line and that engages in a cleat at the top of the mast. There's then a boss on the side of the mast that you route the halyard around to another cleat on the front of the mast. If you get it tight it does not flap that I've ever noticed. The remaining tail then tucks into a sail pocket by the tack. All rather neat and simpler than I'm making it sound.Anybody figured out how to modify mast bend with this setup? Or is the mast layup designed to take this into account? Does what sounds like a wraparound halyard chafe against the mast as it fle
  5. jeffers

    rs aero

    Is it legal? Kinetics are a lot easier. Don't know if you could do it in an Aero or Melges, but it is fun to stand on a Laser Bow and air row the main. Almost touching the water with the boom is fun. What would standing up in your boat be illegal. Nothing in the RRS to say you must be sat down in fact many performance classes end up with the cre standing on the Foredeck in light winds and following the jib round the front of the mast. Class rules may of course limit this but not in any boat I have sailed in (similar to the 'no hiking' in classes like the SB20 which are 'enforced
  6. Not sure how you work that out. Boom height on the D-Zero is more than a Laser so even a tall guy like me has no issues getting through even on max kicker (or vang as you like to call it).
  7. A royalty is payable on the sail to someone, that is the reason for the 'button' I believe.
  8. More to the point do we care?....... On another note.... LP have used strong arm tactics on the 'replica' parts issue. I know of one supplier who has stopped supplying them because another side of their business would suffer as dealers in the UK and US have been told if they deal with any company that provides replica or training parts they will have their dealership status revoked. Fair enough some might say but had LP not been so greedy on the price in the first place it would not be an issue. We were always told one of the reasons genuine parts were so expensive was because of royla
  9. I think this thread can rest until we hear whether this is the end of the matter or a further settlement or further litigation ensues. If only.....
  10. jeffers

    rs aero

    I would be up for that.
  11. jeffers

    rs aero

    ...they often do that for laser now too. The #'s are getting rather pathetic otherwise. The UK Nats are rarely well attended as they do not form part of the international qualifying circuit IIRC. The Masters events are usually very well attended but the sailors there attend for different reasons. The masters crowd are a good bunch on the whole.
  12. Because, if the ICLA was under no obligation to include the trademark, did it not have an absolute right to remove it? Just a minor point, I thought the the ISAF (aka World Sailing, formerly known as IYRU) were the people who controlled issuing the plaque? So the more pertinent question is were they party to the agreements as well as the ILCA. I'll get my coat.....
  13. Au contraire, its doing its job of making that part of the executive class that works in the legal profession rich. We mere working people shouldn't fool ourselves that the people in the executive services (law, senior government, banking, directors of large companies etc) are there to serve us. That's very old fashioned thinking. That is just a cheap shot. If the parties were to settle this out of court then lawyers would not make a cent, or at worst very little. Lawyers act entirely on their client's instructions, if the client wishes to pursue legal proceedings then that is t
  14. jeffers

    rs aero

    Are you able to share the name of the company that does the Aero manufacture? No big secret, Mtag Compisites build them: http://www.mtagcomposites.co.uk. Also they are in the East Midlands not Northern England, (proper north doesn't start til you hit Yorkshire).
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