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  1. Russel, I believe you can refill those small propane canisters yourself (from a 5 gallon) with one of these adaptors: https://www.amazon.com/Simply-Silver-Propane-Cylinder-Unbranded/dp/B01JWCIX2S/ref=asc_df_B01JWCIX2S/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309849959516&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15251943881390553661&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9033457&hvtargid=pla-662080418056&psc=1
  2. The one that I built had spruce for only about half the (wood) structure. The rest was birch plywood and pine.
  3. One drawback of my "use the camera to determine anchor motion" technique, is that the information is unavailable during the test. As a result, I blindly increase pulling force (at prescribed intervals) until the anchor releases or I run out of boat thrust. I look forward to winch testing and having some realtime anchor motion info, but, another consideration will our large tides raising and lowering the boat. Might affect the accuracy during a very long "dwell time" test. ------------ I also look forward to long scope testing (with the winch). I have soldiered on with the shorter
  4. I should clarify that in this statement I was talking about a testing with a short chain. A long, heavy chain rode in deep water, can have a large (positive) effect on holding power compared to a short or no chain rode. Steve
  5. I agree with all that. I was wrong to say that chain was irrelevant. More accurate to say that chain is not too important in a max holding comparison between anchors. Steve
  6. Max, Cobble size is very consistent in that test site. Yes, smaller anchors have a disadvantage.
  7. I should add that I will likely use at least some chain on the test anchor rode for the simple reason that a significant number of people will vehemently discount any "rope only" test. No amount of explaining that the chain is irrelevant (to that test) will change this perception. Again, the camera will tell us when the anchor has started/stopped moving. Steve
  8. Thinwater, I am in the process of setting up a test rig for very high holding tests. Dyneema will be used for the rodes for low stretch. As you say, this will allow us to measure (somewhat) accurately, the amount of anchor movement. Also, a camera, trained on the anchor while filming simultaneously with a camera trained on the load readout display will be useful to answer the "is the anchor moving" question. I will employ both methods during the testing. I am eager to compare an anchor's "zero movement" maximum holding power to it's "in motion" holding. Winch "feed ra
  9. I'll put that on the list of possible future projects. Around here, most of the "real life" Stern tie scenarios occur North of the Border which, by my guess, will not be open this season. I suppose I could "fake it", but then It will not have the "compromise" of having boats nestled on either side. Thanks for the suggestion. Steve
  10. The Epsilon is advertised as 44lbs, not 45. My bad. Many anchors hit their claimed weight accurately. Some a little more, some less. The "early version" Mantus M1 that I tested 6 years ago weighed about 40lbs (claimed 45). The current version that I have weighs 43lbs (claimed 45) The current Viking "20" (claimed 21.4kg or 47lb) weighs 51lbs. Steve
  11. Max, thanks for sharing the experience. Can you give me the exact latitude/longitude for this event. I am creating a list of known "problem" anchorages that I hope to visit.
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