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  1. "85% complete. It'll be a bargain for someone." Hmm, maybe. Years ago, an even more amatuer boatbuilder spent 4 years on a small ferro cement yacht near me, and had it trucked 50 miles to launch. It was so bad , that as the crane lowered it into the ocean, the water rose inside to match the outside. The crane driver said her wouldn't be able to get his slings off if it sunk, so they lifted it back onto the jetty. What to do! Some enterprising soul suggested it could become a plaything in a nearby council park. So, they got permission to place it in a kids playgro
  2. Great news. If you start a "Patreon" page, I would love to contribute to a video of proceedings. I suspect his videos won't show the full "emotional impact " of the ceremony
  3. "Puget sound is a great place to find out how the boat handles ... " How are the rescue services in that area?
  4. Those wrinkles will come right out once the hull is fully flooded.
  5. So, he is planning on living aboard as he completes the interior. That means he will be on the boat when it capsizes in heavy winds, its keel falls of or it springs a leak. Or all three given the right set of conditions. And since it has no cockpit, he will be inside. I vote for a "24 hour Junk boat Cam" with infrared, zoom abilities. Analyzing the results in future years will keep this thread buzzing.
  6. Good to see he is adding another 200 kilos of Oxygen sucking, Carbon Monoxide generators. I bet THOSE weren't on his weight tables. Actually, I don't think there are any weight tables for anything. I guess that's the advantage of not bothering with stability calculations at all.
  7. Yeah, he does. And the weather is really bad at the moment, so he's stuck in the shed. Mind you, its a big shed with lots of toys ........ :-)
  8. Just reading that "Raptor" s latest post. Looks like a crowdfunding project, with some unhappy deposit paying "customers" You know, our friend with the dubious boat has spent over $12,000 on his scrapyard monster. That's a pretty decent deposit on a used, proven yacht design, already built, without a motor so he can use that one he's got. So already, it hasn't proven anything, especially with all the time and effort he has put in.
  9. Yeah. I said as much on one of the comments. At least one person agreed. That makes only 1 out of about 10 "enablers", which goes to show what a load of amateurs they are.
  10. Gee, you really have no faith in amateur builders. I'll be posting my Youtube Video soon about building an F35 in the open my backyard, out of leftover aluminium cans . That'll show ya.
  11. He's not even reading the comments on his own videos by the look of it.
  12. I had more rudder area on my small fibreglass trailer/sailer
  13. Attractive black exterior, dried out, cracked grain softwood underneath, but heavy enough to do someone without a helmet some severe damage.
  14. Yes, as the water leaks in at the badly welded seams. We really need an unbiased video camera to accompany the trip, for posterity, of course.
  15. "I think the waterline will be about here ...." Hahahahahahahahahahaha
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