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  1. That's not a bad thing, and helps take some of the regionalism out of it. Now Lake Erie is another issue, though some there used to play nice with DRYA. Thanks for this!
  2. Scot's gotta be loving reading all this after he pretty much did a mic drop...
  3. Finally! Here are the famous WW sisters from 2000 that graced the inner hulls of "Nice Pair"...
  4. Nope. Way older than that. If I knew how to find them, I would. But these two aren't bad whatsoever!
  5. FCK me, Scot! What a Xmas present! I have been here since just about the very beginning when you had an innerview with, I think Pete Melvin, and he ended it with a photo of the twins from Wicked Weasel. The micro knickers they had on were "Nice Pair" colors. Of course I printed it off, laminated it, and placed one in each hull, in an inconspicuous place. I can't thank you enough for all these years of content, and brother/sisterhood with everyone. All the best to you and yours! And good on ya, Brother! You're the BEST!
  6. Very cool! Thanks for the post! It sort of could be like an Aussie 18 on legs.
  7. What a most excellent tribute! Thank you for this post! Fair Winds and Following Seas, Art.
  8. So is it how long or how thick?
  9. It may not be publicly accessible. Been a long long time since I stopped in there. Gotta love Bokeelia and Gasparilla, along with Boca Grande!
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