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  1. It left me shaking my head as well.
  2. Awesome area! I highly recommend going there yourself if possible.
  3. Yeah. Really sad news. Fair winds and following seas...
  4. I like the concept. Hate Strava for the most part.
  5. Maybe Bill Martin's Stars and Stripes for the Canada's Cup here on the Great Lakes back in sort of that same time frame. Memory ain't too good for details back in those daze.
  6. Get a Weta instead. AWESOME boat that checks off all the items you are looking for.
  7. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/maserati-and-soldinis-flying-multi70-trimaran-just-broke-a-sailing-record-159517.html
  8. What a great write up and tribute! Thank you for this! Fair winds and following seas...
  9. That is massively AWESOME for all involved! The new SCOTW edition!
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