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  1. But his finger tips weren't like this ones!
  2. What a perfect night here in A2! I can't imagine how amazing it would have been over there.
  3. I jumped in for several seminars in Toledo. Maumee River was not warm in April!
  4. By way of Outdoor Online...Ted Turner: a name that will live on in prehistoric history.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, and all of ours in the sailing community, Bob. Seems like just last week, you posted another friend who sailed over the horizon. Keeping a thought for all closely involved. Fair winds.
  6. Holy SHT! NO!!!! Luiz was the BEST! RIP my friend. Fair Winds and Following Seas.
  7. Thanks @Rasputin22! It's a GREAT one! I remember that one! It is what started me gathering gear and dreaming of a long bikepacking trip through Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Then moving over to Iceland on the way back to the States. Still dreaming of the day when I can make it happen... And you're right, the bottle neck slide guitar make it even more worth the watch!
  8. Not sailing, but a good little nod to boats nonetheless (From Outside Online) This One Is for All the Boat Lovers Produced by Tributaries Digital Cinema, We Love Boats is an ode to anyone passionate about their vessel, and about the various waterscapes—and the ways spent enjoying them—that make such outings a dream. Sep 18, 2021
  9. Thank you, @Morgan Crewed! I guess my little explanation didn't carry weight, even though we grew up together and have known each other since age 13.
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