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  1. +1 on Colgate 26. Hell for stout. Everything is small enough. Sail really well and faster than you'd think.
  2. Yes. July 16-17 https://www.bostonyc.org/racing
  3. Starboard doesn't tolerate long term compression loads. Years ago I used it for backing plates. To keep it polite, let's just say it didn't work.
  4. I'm not an expert but I dealt with '86 Harken rudder bearings 4-5 years ago and I can offer some thoughts and my experience. Not apples to apples because mine is a salt water boat. Start with the easy part - set screws. You can soak them with PB Blaster or some other penetrant over a series of days and see if it helps. You can try heat cycling. The Harken housing and inner race are aluminum and the set screws are stainless. They expand differently. If that doesn't work, you can drill them out with a cobalt drill. If you ultimately get the housing off the shaft and still want 4 set
  5. My Express 37 has SS wire for the headstay/furler. Everything else remains rod. Nothing wrong with doing that.
  6. I've been using a dust separator on bottom paint for a number of years. Very happy with it. Pro - basically never clogs, at least not for several years at a time. Con - gives you an additional bucket to work around. My experience was a basic shop vac filter clogged beyond use frequently. Bags recommended by See Level are a dramatic improvement and I recommend them. The separator takes it to the final level. No clogs. Relatively easy to clean up.
  7. Seems like it should work. I got a paddling jacket this summer and think it's at least as well made if not better than some of my foulies. Significantly better seals at wrists and collar.
  8. After FLIR's false start at selling Raymarine early last year, it looks like it might happen now. It doesn't seem like Teledyne would be interested in them, but I've been wrong before. FLIR Systems (FLIR) – The maker of thermal imaging cameras and sensors will be bought by industrial instruments and software maker Teledyne Technologies (TDY) for about $8 billion in cash and stock. The deal values FLIR at about $56 per share, compared to FLIR’s Thursday close of $43.83. FLIR shares soared 22% in the premarket.
  9. Check the cartridge. Seal intact? Good. Blow it up and leave it over night. Still firm in the morning? Good. Beer. Good.
  10. I'm guessing you're asking about pulling the rig. If that's right, loosen the turnbuckles until you have a bit of slack and pull the pins between the turnbuckles and chain plates. Before you loosen the turnbuckles, it can help to mark the turnbuckle threads with tape so you can get close to the original settings when the rig goes back in.
  11. I replaced the rudder on my 1986 Express 37. It's a tiller boat that had Harken bearings top and bottom. The aluminum races on the bottomHarken bearing were in the water and were trashed. I had to destroy the bottom bearing to get the rudder out and replaced the lower bearing with a Jefa. I replaced the Torlon balls in the top bearing, but with a micrometer accurate to 0.001", I couldn't detect any difference between the 30 year old Torlon balls and the new ones. The top bearing was solid.
  12. If you can get the coupling off the shaft you only need to move the shaft back far enough to slip the new hose over it. You can probably do that without dropping the rudder. But verify before you waste a lot of time.
  13. Regarding rudder, yes, all carbon including stock, made by Waterat about 5 years ago. It's a Schumacher upgrade for the original E37 rudder. The original rudder was stainless stock and fiberglass blade. It did everything well except keep the boat pointed in the direction you wanted to go. I don't miss it. I think I probably had the last Express that wasn't upgraded. The new rudder is/was awesome. Totally agree blue on rod is not good. It 's going away regardless of insurance decisions. Too bad, though. It was new 3 yrs ago. Fun with boats.
  14. To the grounding question, it basically isn't. Thru hulls are Marelon. Chain plates connect to a wood bulkhead. Keel isn't connected to anything. Rig is mostly okay. Mast looks good. Lower stays (rod) are discolored blue at the lower spreaders. They're only 3 years old, so color is new. Mids and cap shrouds look fine. Backstay good. Furler (I know, on an Express that's sacrilege, but I'm single handed 90% of the time) shows some carbon dust and some heating down low. At the moment, we think most of the mast current came down the internal wires. Those are toast. As always with
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