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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of where someone didn’t hit something (bridge, marker, boat)
  2. Yikes, thanks for the information. I am surprised you had so much trouble keeping the boat upright after you got the sails down.
  3. Ouch, ill take a closer look at mine next time I see the boat.
  4. For sure. Although I can tell you from direct experience that adding 1000 tons to an Aircraft Carrier makes absolutely no measurable difference in power required to go 16kts. Of course we also make 400,000 gal of fresh water a day.
  5. Way to go Bend Racing. First place human powered and an unbelievable effort. Those guys are superheroes.
  6. I think your G32 would be tough to beat. Couldn't you peddle at like 4kts. Honestly I think this year all came down to strategery and luck. Boat choice (sailboat) wasn't a factor really.
  7. What nail biter. Big Broderna just parked out in the sound while everyone who stayed inside made huge gains. Is an Olson 30 winning this thing? Go Lake Pend and Broderna!
  8. If you have a bunch to do and don't need to replace the red plastic. I bought these hhttps://www.mcmaster.com/5%2f32-ball/multipurpose-plastic/. IIRC it takes like 70 to rebuild a cleat.
  9. All of it. Its hard to see in the video but there are 5ft swells coming from the beam, it took a lot of rudder to stay in sync and surf them. Also we were hitting about 12kts. This is a lot of wake off the rudder....
  10. By that logic, my F-27 is unsafe sitting empty in race form. I would guess most of the Newicks would be as well. Russ what is the float volume of your F-36?
  11. Wow what a difference the night made. Brodernaclosing in on the finish. Sail Like a Girl and Trickster not too far behind. Bend Racing still KILLING IT. I had no idea two guys in a Kayak could go that fast. They must have slept right? And Boogie Barge look like they are out?
  12. Did Bend racing take a very smart shortcut, or break the rules? The rules say "pass within 1nm of Goat Island." Most sailors would naturally take this to mean rounding it like a mark, but this isnt a sailboat race.
  13. Wow, looks like a whole lot of nothing coming on the wind front. Is this going to be an overall win for a Kayak? That would be amazing!
  14. Check out this video I made this weekend racing with family.
  15. To follow up on this thread. I installed this new regulator this weekend and tested it out. The install was really easy, just clipping four wires and splicing in the regulator. The only issue is that it is really big. I don't think I can fit it under the engine cowling so I am going to have to add some extensions and bolt it onto the outside. I guess that should help it stay cooler anyway but it will be subject to corrosion. To test I ran the outboard from idle up to pretty much max speed. Battery voltage started at 13.9V and built gradually to 14.5V at max RPM. I also checked ope
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