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  1. This is probably the best post I have seen from you.
  2. Paul, I really appreciate the time you spend here. I think open discussion about the issues the boat is having are really interesting, and only help Rapido’s reputation.
  3. I love that you removed the diagonal coamings. Those are stupid. Removal would make the cockpit of the F-27 so much better. The pop top not so much, I love that. Its really nice to have standing headroom at the galley. I realize yours is a pure race boat though.
  4. I have used these guys a couple of times, prices and service were good https://www.tapplastics.com
  5. Mizzmo


    Julian, Thanks for being so open about the design process. I am very appreciative of the time you are taking to post and answer questions. Ben
  6. It seems like you guys are all just talking about nice boats in the rough length range that the OP requested. For short handed long distance racing I think we need to be a little more specific. The boat should go upwind well without weight on the rail. Have an asymmetrical spinnaker because they are so much easier to handle short handed, and they out perform their rating on reaching legs. Plane downwind because its really hard to beat a planing boat in planing conditions. Tiller steering because the Autopilot is much cheaper/easier. Finally controls led aft to minimize trips forward. See
  7. I saw her today in the same spot. Just sitting in the sun. All disassembled.
  8. I love the part where he blames the insurance company for the loss of his boat. Marines should have better accountability.
  9. Wow, I thought I going to get blasted as a crook. Yes the boat is in CA, I spent a couple of minutes banging on the hulls, everything sounded good. I’ve had a Prindle 16 and Hobie 16 with hull issues so I think I know what to look for. I guess I’ll call the local cops and see if they know anything about it.
  10. So I was driving around a parking lot in a remote area on government land and came across a Hobie 18. It looks abandoned with two flat tires, moss (not mold) on the deck, a very rusty trailer, and registration from 2009. I kind of want to save it, but I’m not sure how to claim it. Is there a way to use the registration to find the owner? If I were just to grab it, could I register it under a salvage title? Could I try to get the police to impound it, hold it for some time, and then claim it?
  11. Well that was an interesting 20 min. I’m glad they switched music for the second hull. I love watching the process of the build.
  12. She is so nonchalant. I love how she just curls up in the middle of the boat while the boat "tacks"
  13. From the site it looks like they have a buyer for hull 1 and the build is in progress
  14. Very cool boat. I find bringing the bridge deck all the way aft a little ugly, but I understand the reasoning it is a much better overall use of space. Betts boats has a really good reputation so I think they will be well built. I wonder where you will put the dingy though?
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