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  1. If I can just connector and find the wire that is what I am inclined to do
  2. I hate autocorrect. Uniden - not unidentifiable
  3. I have a Uniden DSC VHF. I want to connect it to my GPS- but I don’t have the plug in accessory cable. I’m in Canada, and Uniden does not seem to have any parts service here. (Note to Canadians - don’t buy Uniden) the radio has two accessory pigtails sticking out the back with 8 pin connectors, one male one female. 1. is there some generic electronics cable that will fit? 2. if I cut off the end and open up the cable cover, will I find 8 coloured wires in there I can splice to?
  4. DTH

    Beneteau 10R

    Thanks to all in a puff, how do you depower the main? Ease the sheet, ease the traveller?
  5. Going on a Great Lakes distance race on a 10R, which is a new boat for me. 1. Any general tips for making these go? 2. How sensitive are they to having weight stored in the back of the boat? thanks
  6. Susan Hood. no results up, are they still out there?
  7. EYC regatta next week Always windy at this time of year Good racing, good food, good party, free beer Come race! Note to former PHRF IV boats _just register, you will get a fair rating and a course length just right for you in IRC 4
  8. we're a small boat - no video, but we did photo the speedo after the race
  9. fun race - we don't get wind like that too often everyone who didn't come out missed a good ride
  10. Thanks from Etobicoke Yacht Club to all the racers and all the volunteers from EYC PCYC RCYC and ABYC who came out and made the 2011 EYC LORC Open / Levels a great regatta.
  11. they are welcome at EYC Aug 27 & 28. we will have them on a course with Elsie D presiding
  12. EYC Open is August 28 & 29. Usually some wind, always a good party. Who's racing?
  13. and the Benny 36.7 Neptune's Car from EYC placed second in IRC2 in the IRC Canadian Championships. The championship was part of the regatta at EYC Aug 29 & 30 - lots of wind, lots of fun.
  14. This is going to be a VERY goood turn out and a great party. Get a boat, show up, race, have fun. EYC is a great venue - easy to get to, easy to park, lots of room to party after.
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