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  1. It’s not just sailboats that have become “...more complicated...”. This world we live in is a different place. From our phones, to our television, our cars to our homes, life is simply very different. I find myself both drawn to some of modern life and repulsed by parts. Such is the impact of progress I guess. As for the sailboat industry, the signs have been there for ages. The biggest and most exciting Newport boat show I ever attended was my first show in the late 1980’s and people were talking about how it was nothing like previous shows. Thirty years later the Newport Internationa
  2. Wonder if this change at Patreon impact some of these channels? Bruce https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/08/patreon-fee-change-will-hurt-small-contributions/
  3. More Piper! It is amazing what video suggestions show up in my youtube feed after this thread... https://youtu.be/Q-__5QZzmhc
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