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  1. A Top five pick hasen’t helped the jets in the past two years. It would be a waste on a bust of a college player.
  2. just end the season too fucking embarrassing my nephew's pop warner team plays better than the pathetic jets
  3. i used to be one of the NE O'day owners association peeps... 1. if you use (blech) facebook get onto the Oday owners page 2. Rudy Nickerson in Assonet Mass is your friend. Used to be Yard foreman for Oday when they were in Fall River now owns D&R Marine. Has most parts for Oday and if he doesn;t will know where to source
  4. one in the same ;-) our producer did work for H&O back in the day
  5. Not till after new year. In the works:( work g on specific dates and times now ) Sunday brunch at Towne Crier beacon ny Sunday brunch at Daryl’s House in Pawling The Falcon in Marlboro and Bearsville Theater in Woodstock in Jan we’re playing Stone Coral Brewery outside of Burlington Mean Max Brew Works in Glens Falls. NY and a possibly another show in Burlington
  6. That doesn’t rhyme it wouldn’t make a good song Harry Truman Doris Day red China Johnny Ray north Pacific south pacific Joe DiMaggio
  7. Not a fucking chance in hell
  8. funny how it isn't the gubament that is taking away their gunz..........
  9. when laws like the one in Texas that allows you to keep a loaded hand gun in your glove box, and then you keep you car unlocked and the gun is stolen is part of the problem. "Bad folks" got gun because "good folks " are fucking stupid....
  10. Colin Powel DTS https://www.foxnews.com/politics/colin-powell-dead-covid-19-former-secretary-of-state
  11. We’d do a short 3 day Cali tour in a heartbeat.
  12. I must have seen a dozen sailors today. Three with mt. gay hats on one with a regatta tee shirt and ( At least 6 from my or surrounding yacht clubs ) at our show today. Sailors love bluegrass brooklyn next stop on the Tilly Foster train
  13. Truth is if you can find someone who has multiple cars purchased them and had them sitting in the yard for various reasons you can find that my mother-in-law sold me her 2004 Volvo XC 70 cross country in 2016 with 42000 miles. (I now have 125000 on it) And that was her daily driver. She also had the pick up truck that I just got and she only used that to go to the feed store 4 miles away once a month to pick up dog, cat, and horse food my Mother had had her Subaru for 6 years and she has 22,000 on it ( I saw it today )
  14. One of my crew just bought an f250 with dump bed 2001 Model with 56,000mi. For $14,000
  15. dacapo


    Two toothless old swayback glue factories
  16. Could quite possibly be the dumbest motherfucking stupid assed cuntfaced monkey balls state in the union https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/southlake-texas-holocaust-books-schools-rcna2965?fbclid=IwAR1QtA22VZImoQznN4g95w-6nOU25RuWLNePTCU2Wm07hLAkmpiwKrWXX64 Southlake School Leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views YCMTSU opposing views ?
  17. From a friend who is a traveling nurse and working in the shithole otherwise knows as texass “Texas adventure continues……. We get into the car this morning to go to work and my glove box was open and everything in it was on the seat. We forgot to lock the car. my first thought was some mother fucker was trying to steal a gun. Come to find out, 8 or 9 other vehicles in the RV park were hit and FOUR guns were stolen!! In Texas you can have a loaded handgun in your glovebox. Fucking Meth Heads!!!! ” fucking meth heads? how about fucking ridiculous
  18. unless you did that July 28 2021, someone beat you to it
  19. got to meet Dick Parry the sax player who played on most of their albums and toured with them.. I was interested in a bari sax he had for sale ( i didn't end up buying it, price was wayyyyy to high)
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