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  1. Friend is in Odessa Tx right now there are traveling nurse gigs all over TZ right now
  2. TX nurses are making $17-$20/hr. while Contract nurses (one is a friend of mine) is making $700/day who'd want to work in a Hospital for $17/hr go figure
  3. I unfortunately have the honor of seeing Jerry‘s final show at soldier Field
  4. I’m not too ashamed to say because I’m not that old but this is my very first Grateful Dead concert I ended up going to well over 40 shows
  5. 5-8-77 entire second set was amazing St Stephen- Not Fade Away- St Stephen
  6. Shootout at high noon we all win
  7. Tomorrow maybe a few katana swords I’ll take some pics of.
  8. Yeah. My bad on the pic. I took a shot of another jambiya and this together. Ill post the jambiya tomorrow (1 knife per day )
  9. Here’s another Jambiya from Morocco slightly y different. Bigger heavier wooden hilt
  10. I read, and now when I get home me needs to go look at the hilt and see what tyoe of matieral its made out of. Cant tell by pic. It's black and metal
  11. There’s rhinos in the Middle East ? The things you learn on sailing anarchy no rhinos were injured in the making of this movie
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