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  1. Thoughts ? I just sold my new code 0 which will be in next month as my boat’s  only 30 feet I’ve been told it’s not terribly necessary to have a Furler for the code 0 and I kind of tend to agree especially when I’m getting close to the end of the summer and money is getting a little tighter. Is there an economical…. or should I say just less expensive quality further out there it’s not gonna break the bank ? 

  2. Hey all I’m trying to help one of my crew with an engine issue he just developed in himself Universal 

     SV Changes has an inboard Universal M-25 XPD diesel engine and the engine instrument panel has two buttons that both need to be pressed to start it. The two buttons worked as described in the picture below, until we recently launched the boat. Upon pressing both buttons, the engine does not turn, the alarm buzzer goes quite, and the voltage drops to zero. After releasing the two buttons, the buzzer alarm sound comes back after a random amount of time and sometimes not until I turn the key to off and back to on. Second attempt to start it also fails. I then do a short prayer in between subsequent attempts. The engine then turns on a random attempt somewhere between attempt 8 and 15. Usually the engine will not start on that first turn, but I can let go both buttons and then press them again and the engine starts. That’s when I proceed to do a little dance around the mast. Once I turn the engine off, it will turn back on immediately without and issues but when I come back the next day, the same non-deterministic procedure is required.

    Few more bits of info:
    - Pressing only the start button without the preheat button I hear a clicking sound on the (starboard) side, which is opposite of where the starter is. I think this is new. I think it was silent before if I just pressed that button.
    - The engine battery is new and the two other batteries read 12.58 volts
    - This boat’s batteries are wired weirdly. I have three batteries and two OFF/1/ALL/2 switches – the original OFF/1/ALL/2 switch is above the nav station and the second one is on the side of the nav table. This looks a bit of a hack job and I plan to rewire it next off-season.  To start the boat ‘normally’ I need to place the original switch to ‘1’ and the additional switch to ‘2’ – that worked fine in the past.

    Any insights or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks all.

  3. 14 hours ago, Olsonist said:

    No, really, eight months to the day. It's in the law.


    As for Pelosi accepting any or all, I'd lean on none. I don't think she gives a fuck what they think. She's pissed.

    She’s so pissed that she’s gonna point her finger at someone and talk take  her voice from a whisper to her library voice.  She’s got nothing unfortunately. The D’s lack balls 

  4. 1 hour ago, Mrleft8 said:

    A great musician, and by all accounts a great guy..... (Very impressive hair too!)

    He was a great guy he was nice his wife was nice when I that him and his wife through   my friend   

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