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  1. i think the f285 is uglier than the hunter 28.5...life's too short to sail ugly boats. the hunter has a big aft berth and aft head....
  2. what I want to know, is who the fuck can tell a store owner what and what not to sell in their place of business, and when will the first lawsuit be filed?
  3. where the figawi ? its in Haaaaavad yahhhhd
  4. I’d rather catch the Rona again than drink a bud
  5. Today seriously how the fuck do you turn the goddamn picture that’s sideways the correct way I’m about to throw my phone through my TV screen
  6. true for most things........but the powers to be couldn't make this easier for all of us ? It's almost as fucked up as the YRALIS website
  7. fever tree Indian tonic or their citrus tonic excellent
  8. I’ve always liked G&T’s but I found some really good gin recently my go to has been Porters modern dry gin but yesterday I got a bottle of Pretty fucking good. don’t ask me how to rotate the pic ...
  9. it came for Oakcliff facebook page...and IYAC reposted
  10. Block Island Race Cancelled: Oakcliff invites ALL competitors to meet at MidSound Buoy 32A. Warning Signal at 1pm - Start at 1:05. Course is: upwind until you have sailed with #3, changed to #4, put up Storm Jib and Storm TrySail and then friggin' send it back downwind with A4s only. Finish line is a far as you want to go ...and then motor home. Please Check in with Oakcliff RC VHF 69 .
  11. in the red and pink stuff.
  12. Anyone have a name of a good boat transport trucking ing company here on the east coast that does intl. transports ?
  13. How does one get to join the storm try sail club if you don’t even get a chance to use your try sail ? on the bright side I’ll be home sooner
  14. update from RC...all boats will be sailing the short course (Plum Island course) and not leave LIS....
  15. who's plans on being wet and cold for 2 days?
  16. i still close water intake and hang my key on it
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