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  1. and with the 2nd pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the New York Jets select, Jimmy Bag O Donuts, #1 parking Lot attendant from the University of Pennsyltucky as their starting quarterback.............
  2. record has been mixed. Mastering in process. Try this one: Make It Last 2.mp3
  3. or he's dreaming about the after party with Florida Man.......
  4. Why, you're raking in the cashola under Sleepy Joe.........you'll be able to retire and move out to the North Fork and and be BTBOTFA's neighbor
  5. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to unfuck what was fucked...just call him the "unfuck" President
  6. I would spring for that I like the modern look............BUT ..............the woman I chose to spend the rest of my days with would hate how that looks and those rest of my days would grow short . (too modern for her)
  7. where have I been? ho lee phuk a simple nice looking desk chair is $1000..........
  8. Ive been saying a lot of prayers recently. Faith.
  9. dacapo

    ALS and

    One of my closest friends told me yesterday he was diagnosed with ALS. Gutted to say the least. I’ll stick with him till the end and support his family as they go through this ordeal but it has also made me sad about the things I haven’t done or hope to do. Life’s too short and for some shorter....I’m having a hard time facing getting older and what comes along with that...
  10. The NICS system is an unreliable flawed system. Wanna stop grabbers from grabbing everything....fix this broken piece of shit.
  11. Vol. 2 is better.....Sturgill Simpson is my go to in the car music right now...........
  12. Rick...you slid right over into the median ( that would be the part of the highway that separates opposing lanes of traffic. )
  13. https://www.newsweek.com/topic/florida-man
  14. speaking of... https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/22/politics/dc-statehood-house-vote/index.html
  15. Yes they were. You were just less of a curmudgeon my puppy is now 6 mos old. He had passed the shark teeth stage and now just chews things like 1. my favorite hat from Culebra 2. my musto sailing shoes 3. my guitar strap But now that shark teeth stage is over it’s time for hump everything that breathes. stage
  16. O'Day 37cc that's not a lot of "junk in the trunk"...there's MUCH worse out there
  17. let me change my offer to " no..................."
  18. Thank you. Then my guess is I lost something between cleaning the carb and re assembling
  19. and they all knew Kevin Bacon
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