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  1. This is extremely true. NYYC makes it extremely affordable for young members to join, substantially cheaper than any of the other more prominent clubs and even a lot of local clubs. There are definitely plenty of big money guys at the club but there are thousands of members and plenty do not fall into that “rich” category. With how easy they’ve made it for youth to join, I’m pretty surprised they haven’t made a club owned boat available to a youth or young adult team. Seems like an easy win for the class and the club.
  2. They do feel slow in light air but not awful. There’s very little rocker so it is difficult to get the ass out of the water. I was actually referring to the upper wind ranges. It feels like it should “pop” earlier than it does. I haven’t helmed one yet so I’m not sure how much of that is the driver.
  3. Sailed on the boats a few times. Super competitive racing and a fairly simple boat at a low price point for what it is. It's pretty quick but at times feels a bit sticky. I'm not a fan of the electronics rules, but I guess thats part of trying to keep the cost down. As someone noted above, it is very difficult to find qualified amateur crew who have the availability needed to be competitive with the top of the fleet. All that said, I will probably and happily race on them again. I know there are some UK boats now. Not sure how many.
  4. The 122 you are speaking about sailed a great Annapolis-Newport this year. They made the correct choices, added key crew members, and won. Essentially you are saying that their win is solely the result of their rating.
  5. Damn, I really hoped this thread would be about Forrest Gump
  6. Perhaps you haven’t “sailed it its most potential”. If you think you know the winner before the start, then you are not competing.
  7. I'd disagree that it favors heavier racer cruisers. Looking at the bigger ORC events in the northeast this year, there is a good mix of GP boats/racer-cruisers at the top of the pack. ORC is more about finding the best configuration for your boat. The top teams spend an enormous amount of effort on sailplan optimization, post race data analysis, etc and run tons of test certs before finalizing any changes. The perceived bias towards racer-cruisers could be more a result of those boats just being more forgiving to sail. ORC is rating your boat based on its expected top end performance onl
  8. They come up for sale all the time, but rarely on sites like yachtworld. Check the figaro 2 facebook groups and ask around. There are a substantial number being bought up by a couple of east coast programs, but still plenty available.
  9. Tucker Carlson is so full of shit that his own lawyers had to argue that any reasonable person would not believe the things he says.
  10. The premier US ocean race is definitively NOT the Transpac
  11. Rand Paul's questioning borderlines on harassment. It is purely theatre so RP's right wing base can see him attacking Fauci.
  12. There was really no bombshell by any means in the emails... of course things he was saying last spring differ from what he's saying now as we learn how to deal with and treat a new disease. If you can find one where he's on tape saying that he intentionally downplayed it to control people, I might reconsider.... (so much shit has happened in the last year that people forget Trump actually said this in an interview)
  13. NYYC has submitted a challenge for the 37th America’s Cup https://mailchi.mp/nyyc/challenge-issued-for-37th-americas-cup?fbclid=IwAR3fw1KXbjd_AqL1_b21wYa12HKZZ9fRv5iaOSolC2cCNh4pvy3FJQjfuQM
  14. pretty sure that is a non-binding agreement. There was a similar agreement to retain the AC50 for this cup, NZ was the only team that did not agree. NYYC would not have competed in AC37 anyway as it will be just the UK and NZ.
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