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  1. NYYC has submitted a challenge for the 37th America’s Cup https://mailchi.mp/nyyc/challenge-issued-for-37th-americas-cup?fbclid=IwAR3fw1KXbjd_AqL1_b21wYa12HKZZ9fRv5iaOSolC2cCNh4pvy3FJQjfuQM
  2. pretty sure that is a non-binding agreement. There was a similar agreement to retain the AC50 for this cup, NZ was the only team that did not agree. NYYC would not have competed in AC37 anyway as it will be just the UK and NZ.
  3. Availability and roll out seems to vary by state. I definitely don't think we are anywhere near the point where anyone who wants a shot can get one. Still a few months out from that but getting better.
  4. There seems to be interest, but highly unlikely that a decision is made until this cup is over. I hope they do. We can use all the teams we can get and expecting to win on your fist go is a bit like starting a new NFL franchise and expecting to win the Super Bowl on year 1. (unless you have Brady ).
  5. Seems like the issue isn't as straight forward as it looks. I think LR should agree to the delay if what Murray said yesterday is true and they actually do not have enough on water resources right now for whatever reason. Otherwise, if they are allowed and have the staff to race, they should race.
  6. Are you kidding??? They’ve mentioned it a million times and you might be the only one seeing Ken’s comments as incentivized. Pull that stick out and enjoy the racing.
  7. There’s certainly better tacticians in the US than what is on display now....
  8. New Zealand’s main sponsor isn’t from New Zealand. Many teams have had non-national sponsors over the years.
  9. The bar below is very cool. I’ve had plenty of days there where “lunch” ends up being the whole day lol
  10. Sure is a gorgeous room though
  11. you can do the research yourself, but the answer is absolutely yes. The shaking may have existed but the boat was much smoother. At the beginning of ACWS, AM was considered to have the best maneuvers.
  12. what time do you think it is in the USA at 3pm in NZ? lol its only 9pm eastern and 6pm west coast
  13. The shaking certainly existed (not to its current extent, but they were not out of control? Did you not watch the December racing?
  14. Penske was not the primary backing. Perhaps the sponsors need to think about who they want running the team/sailing on it. Maybe the same person shouldn’t be doing both.
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