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  1. Did I miss some naysayer prick eating a lot of humble pie or are we still waiting for that?
  2. There is a UK team spoke to one of the employees of the shore/admin team and they are just getting going, like, in the last month. Skipper is a Brit - it is not Giles Scott or Leigh Mac. I imagine that they'll have someone to race against so the other teams probably only just getting going too.
  3. I assume the other teams are doing this as well right? I mean, actually making a boat that goes in the water?
  4. bad sandwhich


    Out on her royal yacht the queen was enjoying the sea air when she spied a man in the water off the port bow - clearly being menaced by a very large shark. Through her binoculars she could see it was Christian Ronaldo, struggling frantically to free himself from the jaws of a 20 foot shark! The queen ordered the captain to change course to try and save the poor man, but she knew the yachts top speed would never get them there in time. At that exact moment a speedboat containing three men wearing white England tops sped into view. One of the men took aim at the shark and fired a harpo
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