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  1. them facebook mods are in la la land anyway so it wouldn't surprise me. Wondered what happened to the couple of comments i left and now I know. I think if i had to pick the one thing to hate it would be censorship of any kind for any reason. There's a popular right wing cartoonist in Australia who has a Facebook page that talks about freedom of speech etc. yet he has staff immediately censoring FB comments on his posts. This is particularly important as he has been convicted of fraud and found to be using alias to do dirty business. So … he looks like a good guy on Facebook but he i
  2. I imagine most kids know how to sail around the island, or are at least familiar with boats, so I can't imagine there would be much patience for Rimas talking about it heroic terms.
  3. Tri-Marine is opening a new tuna processing plant in A.S. 1500 new jobs.
  4. Excellent point. Is he disheartened? And how does he reconcile the feeling? Does he imagine that he just needs to do a better job of publicity? Or will the day come when he realizes the real reason there isn't a parade? Or does he just not care?
  5. It's impolite to jerk off in public. Can you go do it somewhere in private? Then, perhaps, you could go read up on this shit. Here's a link to a Forbes magazine article saying, basically, that you're full of shit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/andyjsemotiuk/2014/09/22/immigration-the-myth-of-the-anchor-baby/
  6. The boat hasnt really been tested. It survived a driftathon but if it had to cross in heavy seas and wind it may not have survived. Hard to say. Hasn't really been tested? The boat has been Rimas-ized!He endured several nasty winter storms last year in the pacific on his way to SF. (ohey i am in danger now!) Then he sailed it into a curricane off of mexico on his way to AS. Add on top of that , he has no seamanship skills. I would say the boat has been well tested. Maybe not the southern ocean, but the boat has put up with both the weather and mass quantities of incompetence. Prop
  7. If not for the Internet, none of this would have happened.
  8. Yes, luff reef is pulled down to tack hook, and sheets shifted to reef cringle on leech. Excess sail gathered and tied. Usually sheet leads need to be shifted fwd, unless sailmaker designs sail to use same lead position reefed as unreefed. That appears to be a main in photo to me, too much extra sail hanging down to be a jib. Also, the reef reinforcement above pulpit has a 90deg angle at the cringle. It would be more acute if a jib.Ok, thanks. I can visualize what you mean about excess sail. I think it would be only a couple feet of sail with clew dangling after reefing. Probably not long enou
  9. I have yet to reef the jib on my SJ24. Do you move the jib lines from the clew to a reef point along the leech edge and pull the luff edge reef point down over the hook on the bow? Or do the lines remain attached to the clew, and you use the leech edge reef point to tie the excess sail? I'm fairly certain it's the former. If I'm right, I'd venture a guess that the picture shows a jib in a mixed up, partially reefed, but fully hoisted condition.
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