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  1. Only one person coming out of this looking good...
  2. etnz must have kicked Burling off the boat like that guy said they should
  3. Yep. Good to see a different entry strategy from LRPP on starboard in this race though.
  4. Bold decision to ditch the traditional third keel
  5. It’s just all the extra weight he has added to the boat in carrying out his repairs
  6. got a bit on now... to be fair it's max heel over the last hour. It is cool, if kinda meaningless, to get this data from the boat
  7. @Lickindip found one of your gym guys for you
  8. I generally agree with your post, but this stat is a fair way off. Your 5% is based on fatalities : races started. The odds of being killed would be fatalities : drivers starting races. 1018 races with 20 drivers on average (don’t know how accurate that is) = 20,360 starts. To 52 fatalities, that’s 0.2%. So if there’s been 5 keels lost over the years the risk of dying in an F1 race is something like 5 times greater than losing your keel in a Hobart. Of course the comparison isn’t apples for apples, so I’m not sure how helpful it is at all. IMO it’s enough to just note a 0.04% failure
  9. St Jude needs to average 13.13kt from here (c.f. 8.3kt average so far) Daguet needs 26kt Enterprise 11.1kt Philosopher 10.35kt Azzuro 8.61kt Patriot 10.45kt Katwinchar 8.27kt Love & War 11.18kt Chutzpah 14.93kt Gun Runner 10.4kt So yeah I reckon.
  10. Yep. Would say congrats Matt Allen & crew but it’s only the first race in the series after all!
  11. They sailed a pretty bloody respectable race to be in the mix all the way and to end up where they did I reckon. If it is the case they lost a few miles for the shark even more so.
  12. 6.1kt now. Bloody painful! 34nm to go, just inside 4 hours to do it (to pip Alive), and it’s just going to tick away in front of them
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