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  1. Was in Valencia marina couple of years ago and it was just sitting there
  2. Got Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder and Alive isn't showing up on AIS?? Protest??
  3. I have a lfp bank on board and to save changing the whole charging systems I left a small LA for starting the engines and then a B2B charger as the only charge source connected to the lfp bank. This is full programmable for ALL voltages and and durations. It also has limits the charge current so alternators will not overheat. It does limit charge rate a bit to much, 50a, but main charge source is solar so no issues for me. Set to 14v max with no absorbtion and then 13.2 float, which takes load once battery has discharged to 60 - 70 % with obviously nothing overnight!!
  4. LONDON - For the first time in seven years, the Eurozone's economy grew quicker than the UK's last year, data from Eurostat confirmed. Eu has done very well! The unemployment rate in the Euro Area was steady at 8.1 percent in October of 2018, the same as in each of the previous three months but higher than market expectations of 8 percent. It remained the lowest jobless rate since November of 2008. Unemployment Rate in the Euro Area averaged 9.71 percent from 1995 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 12.10 percent in February of 2013 and a record low of 7.30 percent in October of
  5. The French maths teacher would be going. Do we know what he uses as storm tactics? Interesting that with these boats keep going appears to be the better strategy.
  6. I had coppercoat applied a couple of years ago and it has worked for me. In the Med through this summer there has been a slime build up but half an hour in the water with a sponge makes short work of that!
  7. Think I spoke to early, going backwards Is not fast!
  8. Suzy appears to have had a little wiggle on the last week, has been closing consistently.
  9. Bugger as well, The Race between the 2 frogs was interesting to watch.
  10. Has Are Wiig enough diesel to run his engine all the way around?!? He has had impressive boat speed over the last week, caught up and now in probably a real 3rd / 4th.
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