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  1. Ok... that was fucking funny.
  2. The DH class is a very recent addition, done in conjunction with US Sailing and meant to provide a platform for those interested in the new Olympic mixed DH discipline. The fact that SORC raised their hand to help those of us in the US interested in that sort of thing is a good thing, and deserves our thanks. Dragon, for one, is looking forward to an excellent sprint to Key West.
  3. NKE uses third party r as ms, Lacomb & Schmidt. I have found them to be effective.
  4. 25 of the 27 Class40s in the current Transat Jacques Vabre have NKE instruments and autopilots. The other 2 have B&G. Exactly zero have Raymarine or any other pilot. Draw your own conclusions. And before someone blathers about "French boats, french equipment", 24 boats in that fleet have Harken winches when they could have chosen Pontos now Karver. That fleet chooses equipment based on its functionality utility, not nationality.
  5. I got a tour of the boat yesterday (thank you Jesse!). The innovation is incredible... it jumps two or three steps in the evolutionary cycle.
  6. Regarding the foil retraction / beam / wetted surface - In this race, the boat(s) that get to the southern latitudes and can get on the low pressure train end up with a near insurmountable lead unless they suffer a catastrophic failure. There simply are no passing lanes at that point. The boats that achieve that are those that can get to the doldrums first and who can get out of the doldrums first. Which makes the wetted surface issue incredibly valuable. Just my low value opinion.
  7. It was playing at Mystic Luxury Cinemas this weekend, saw it on Sunday. Loved the movie - inspirational in every way.
  8. The calculus on energy source vhf is a fascinating one. Diesel is really energy dense, but in addition to the weight consideration mentioned above you also news to add a spare alternator and regulator. And factor in that the weight penalty diminishes over time. Solar has a weight cost that is persistent, but its biggest issue is reliability of the sun. For reference, we had 4 hours of sun in the first 10 days of last year's RdR. I would have been fucked if relying on solar. Hydro has persistent weight, and drag. But its hugely reliable. Just need a couple light weight spare p
  9. I used one gallon in the RdR, and only because I wanted a little heat in the cabin the first two nights. I carried the absolute minimum allowed under the rules. Between solar, hydro and fuel cells, the diesel generated options are far less critical at this point. Although one issue I see with the boat is that I have no idea where on the stern they can even mount a hydro generator. Given the level of thought that has gone into this I have no doubt it's a calculated decision. Alex looks damn fit it those pictures. Looks like more than just the boat has been receiving a
  10. Vito, all the way. I was using the Spinlock 5D but made the switch for a new one I needed last fall when they first came out and could not be happier. I have a 5 D on board and the Vito, and only end up wearing the Vito. For all the reasons described by others. I do not find it difficult to get on over full kit. I did try out the Mustang version which I found very similar, but the opening (e.g. shoulder width) of the kit is a bit tighter than that of the Vito and thus was more of an issue.
  11. "A valid explanation surely we can accept " Ummm.....I dont know if I should laugh or cry. The fact that you accept that shows a serious lack of critical reasoning skills. Even someone who wants to give Woxi the benefit of doubt should at least acknowledge the weakness of their statements. If only to be able to claim some level bbn of credibility.
  12. The companies offering AID tracking aps typically require a subscription fee to reveal certain value added data. That includes all data received via Satellite reception. Pony up the fee to the site and you will get all the data.
  13. Blockchain is bigger than bitcoin. It has a lot of the weirdo, conspiracy theory fringe folks who gravitate to Bitcoin circling around in the space, but the reality is that blockchain itself as a software concept is powerful and is going to crop up in more and more applications.
  14. I agree with Jack's statement. I have seen mid ocean transmissions show up on tracking sites from boats that I am 100% confident have a 2W AIS transmission. Which is most pleasure boats at the moment since 5 W Class B units are new to the market in the last 18 months or so. I can't speak to the reliability of those 2W transmissions being picked up by satellites, and I am sure 5 W is more reliable at being picked up. But you can absolutely get a 2W signal off the birds.
  15. Hmm. I think you are wrong. Your AIS transceiver does NOT have to have any additional capabilities to be picked up by a satellite receiver. No "uplink", no special transmission hardware or software. It just pumps out its VHF signal, and then if the satellite has a specialized receiver it will pick up that VHF signal. The AIS transceivers that are higher power (e.g. 5 watt versus 2) have a better chance of being heard by the satellites, but its still possible for the lower power signal to be heard. There is fairly simple explanation available on the site that Just a Skosh used to pull
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