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  1. Now I have an understanding to build on. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for your answers guys. Sorry to be slow! I a not sure I get it yet. So, when planning, you put a waypoint on the circle and move it around kind of at the circle bow to see what will be fastest? Certainly better than my last approach, but still unsatisfying. I am inaccurate with following the bow, and also I don't understand the theory. "... fattest bit of the circle" - do you mean one of those every other bits that seems closer than the other every other bits?
  3. Thank you very much Tunnel Rat <3 What is the theory with the round circle finish-line? I lost 2-300 places on gybing toooo late. I mean, how do I decide where on the circle to point at? When to tack/gybe? Thanks!
  4. So, I tried hand steering round a mark for the first time ever, and it was massively not working. The client and the server were lagging, so I had no idea when it was safe to gybe. Doubled the distance to the leaders. First and last time I'm hand steering around a mark in VR unless they fix their software. Anyway, this loss annoyed me so much that I tilted and set my course to cut the corner north just before going to bed. Woke to double distance to leaders again. This time deservedly so!
  5. I'm in for Nord 2 with my boat Gjallarhorn Thank you Tunnel Rat for doing updates. It feels good to have this mini community here.
  6. Gjallarhorn is in. Full pack: I want to know that it's me and not my boat when I sail badly.
  7. I second this. I think most people between the +2.5 days and +7.5 days were initially in the leading group but fell off. If anyone progressed to the leading group from where I was sailing, it must have been something really risky and slim. I saw no such chances. In other news: My boat Gjallarhorn have finished this marathon of marathons, just before Dalin. I have loved it. A lot I have learned. Especially I am now dreaming of crossing and cruicing IRL in a faster boat, more able to control my position wrt the weather systems.
  8. He needs 14.1 knots average vmg to win
  9. No redress for colliding with a fishing boat of course. DSQ more likely in short races, here might be a time penalty. Edit: Hope not. Really gutted for him
  10. Change course to maximize port foil usage?
  11. Congrats for line honours. Exceptional!
  12. How would this affect us that are closing in on the Azores, should we be further north or further south?
  13. Your Mom, what a vr CV! I am impressed! And thanks for your explanation. I think they could cap the number of races counted per person and year. For example each player's 10 best races are counted. Would that work?
  14. Is there a place that lists the offshore Virtual Regattas that are coming the next half year or so? I've tried to google this several times, but failed!
  15. Thanks for this input. I agree, for it to be interesting, I need to want something. Want to be somewhere. Make a hypothesis and check if it was right. I do this by marking loads of boats around me (by using the radar), and see if I come up ahead. I never used router software before this VG VR, which is my first VR game. In this race I have often used the routing by setting the end point to where I want to go (for example east). Then I have sometimes removed small route changes that I don't understand. Can I ask how often do you change direction? Do you use TWA much? Do you want straighter
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