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  1. Came back after a year in the wilderness. Heading back. Y'all are still arguing the same shit. F'n BORING! Get a life. Really. I'll check in whenever, if I remember the URL.
  2. yeah that's him. The gay guy.
  3. Only if sent to a verified mail address. That is what this all about. Just send the ballot.
  4. Free thinkers. You know, people who actually think.
  5. Oh definitely. Free thinkers are viewed by deplorables as the anti-christ. A label I wear with pride.
  6. The problem with Evangies is they are so fucking judgmental and pious knowing they are total fuckups themselves.
  7. But that isn't secure. Don't you want secure elections? Y'all can just set a time to meet at the local Walmart.
  8. My long dead daddy told me when I was wee, that people judge you based on who you hang. I will not hang with deplorables.
  9. WarPigeon, would you support a state wide mail ballot? No booths? Just send out the ballots to registered voters at the address in the system? No photo ID, no check if they are rats?
  10. they set standards, so that a kid schooled in Trumplandia has the same opportunity as one schooled in an enlighten society. Its very difficult. Its more difficult when some right wing religious nutjob is put in charge.
  11. Lazy 7DA neighbors are so fucking annoying. They ring your bell every saturday.
  12. I could support a Biden/Warren or Biden/Gay Guy ticket if and only if Biden holds this one term pledge. My millennial kids sure do like the gay guy. Biden's best by date is long past.
  13. she has zero charisma. at least warren has that. So did that black chick from cali. forgetton already. The gay guy might show some flare. I'm thinking a Bernie/Warren ticket.
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