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  1. RIP Luiz. Will always remember the fun at Bayview's bar. Good times. Show
  2. Apologists be like - 'i touched a mark that no one else saw, didn't spin and wasn't protested... but it didn't change the race outcome so I'm still happy to hold up this trophy....' It's a little thing but it's everything.
  3. Thank you to whoever is the $ behind the SSL because for all the production expense there appeared to be less than a couple thousand on YouTube watching the final. Would like to see the drone get all up in there far more. It’s an event where they could really push the proximity. Watching I was also thinking of all the interesting birds eye opportunities missed. Also a nasty habit of the production to miss too many important engagements and manoeuvres. Too many important boat on boat tacks and gybes missed by switching to tracker IMO. Nitpicking... It’s interesting to see multiple Ol
  4. They won’t sheet out much and the boats won’t heel much so what’s the story on those windows?
  5. Look at the mainsail window above. Either shopped or twin skinned.
  6. Look at the shot from aft and look through the window. Twin skin sail which is separated far further back than the diagram above - unless shopped.
  7. Fair enough but Macif and BP certainly have more elegant solutions. Understood fully crewed vs single handed but Spindrift was such a good looking boat...
  8. It would be cool if someone could bring back the 2D version. It was as far back as late '06 or early '07 that I was introduced to Tacticat, the precursor to SailX. At its best SailX was great fun and reinforced good tactical habits. + karma for Amando Estela.
  9. Big Show


    If I did a majority of my sailing offshore I'd 100% opt for a boot with a gaiter. If you do most of your sailing inshore or are a back of the boat legs in kinda guy, no gaiter required IMO.
  10. Cool looking little tri daysailer but no retractable sprit?? No interest.
  11. Rusty, Put your best men on this and file a report. Get back. Show
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