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  1. One's decision to move up from the Laser to the RS Aero was driven by one's assessment of the superior design and quality of the RS Aero and one's subjective impressions of the greater excitement of sailing an RS Aero. The overall costs of sailing the two boats taking into account durability of sails, spars etc. is so similar as not to be a factor in one's decision.
  2. One thinks that all the money one spent on Laser sailing over 30+years was worth every penny.
  3. Or even better... http://www.fulcrumspeedworks.com/UFO/rocket/
  4. Seems like a good formula for most grassroots Laser racing
  5. Biclassual? ILCAs and Lasers and boats that look like Lasers but don't have legal sails and... WTF is that RS Aero doing there?
  6. Is that last remaining Blockbuster in Oregon still open?
  7. The high price of ILCA boats may well encourage potential new boat buyers to consider other classes at similar or lower price points, but Laser sailing will survive at the grassroots level for many years. 200,000+ Lasers are not going to disappear overnight.
  8. Brilliant. I am a great admirer of RS300 sailors. Used to enjoy following this RS300 blogger but he hasn't posted for a few months.
  9. Link to English translation of the Gilles Gluck article. https://sailingforums.com/threads/the-future-of-the-laser-sorcerers-apprentices-and-the-goose-that-lays-the-golden-eggs-by-gilles-gluck.41976/
  10. Pope Greg got confused when he invented the calendar.
  11. Just to be clear @Bruce Hudson and @aroy210677, when I posted the item quoted above, it was meant as an entirely positive comment. I did think that gathering email addresses could be used as part of a membership drive, which would surely be a good thing? In my mind, marketing the class and soliciting more people to become members of the class are totally appropriate and commendable activities for class leadership, and there is no reason why they shouldn't be embedded in other class activities. The snarky remark about vacations was made by another anarchist in one of those "meant to be hu
  12. Standard marketing tactic to build an email list. I expect they will use it to solicit more sailors to become members of ILCA, which is the best way to finance a class association. Good luck to them.
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