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  1. That's a major reason why Brits do so much better than Americans in Olympic sailing. Along with sailing clubs on every gravel pit and Viking heritage and Nelson and Dunkirk and all that.
  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson - "It's not the Destination. It's the journey." (I misquoted it slightly.) Making the Olympics in any sport at any age is a long shot. By all means have that goal, but stay in the moment and enjoy the journey towards the goal.
  3. CASE NUMBER 22 STATUS Closed EVENT 49erFX Women RACE 6 PROTESTOR USA PROTESTEE Organizing Authority PROTEST DETAILS Installation of camera mount issue. FACT FOUND 1. On July 25, USA had her camera mount installed by the OA. 2. During the night of July 27 to July 28, the port side camera mount fell from the boom and was laying on top of the cover. 3. Shortly after arriving at the venue on July 28, USA had the OA reinstall the camera mount before racing. 4. On July 28, in race 6 (3rd race of the day), leg 4, approachin
  4. 49er teams penalized for equipment rule infringement. https://www.livesaildie.com/trapeze-harness-too-heavy-brazil-and-ireland-49er-teams-dsqd/?fbclid=IwAR1XY_3-Nm3lbSH-58B_ekZY_4p5usxPZAJZPVqvapdmHa6X9imWE_x1jeA
  5. Boats built in Japan by the owner of the trademark rights for Japan. Of course they are Lasers.
  6. How does this happen? Paige had a few bad races. She is still a better sailor than 99.99% of the people who read this thread. And she will be a Master next year.
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