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  1. Pope Greg got confused when he invented the calendar.
  2. Just to be clear @Bruce Hudson and @aroy210677, when I posted the item quoted above, it was meant as an entirely positive comment. I did think that gathering email addresses could be used as part of a membership drive, which would surely be a good thing? In my mind, marketing the class and soliciting more people to become members of the class are totally appropriate and commendable activities for class leadership, and there is no reason why they shouldn't be embedded in other class activities. The snarky remark about vacations was made by another anarchist in one of those "meant to be hu
  3. Standard marketing tactic to build an email list. I expect they will use it to solicit more sailors to become members of ILCA, which is the best way to finance a class association. Good luck to them.
  4. I think it's inevitable that ILCAs will be bought by the top sailors who want to compete in the ILCA sanctioned events. People who just want a boat for the lake house, or to sail in local clubs and local regattas will buy Lasers (or used ILCAs) and have a few thousand left over for beer. Why is that "disappointing"? You don't like the idea of grassroots sailors having more money for beer? And the number of people who sail in ILCA events is not "small." Thousands of sailors are ILCA class members.
  5. Probably makes sense to create a new entry for the ILCA Dinghy.
  6. Don't you mean ILCA 4, ILCA 6 and ILCA 7?
  7. But there are still some loose ends in the plot. Will Gouvernail ever find a way of writing a NOR that specifies what boats he wants at his regatta? Will there be any more new builders? Which of the new boats will be fastest? Will Wess really pay ILCA all the hidden fees on his new ILCA? Inquiring minds demand to know.
  8. Red buttons, boots, hidden fees, lawnmowers, plaque nazis, music videos, notices of race, torches, insignias, grassroots... what a long strange trip it's been.
  9. My RS Aero has a World Sailing plaque. My 1995 Vanguard Laser does not have a World Sailing plaque.
  10. My Aero sail was bought from an approved builder. Can I sail?
  11. If there were a Pulitzer prize for sailing magazines/newsletters, this yearbook produced by the UK Laser Association would win it. https://issuu.com/ukla-sailing/docs/ukla_yearbook_for_online_7s
  12. I agree that low is a relative number and that the numbers sailing in the UK are higher than most countries, so "small" is relatively high. But "an awful lot more" is even higher. Relatively speaking.
  13. Let's hope so. Grass roots Laser sailors do more good for the sport of sailing than the Olympic Games does.
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