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  1. I've never been to Exmouth but The Bath House was a good clue that helped me find it.
  2. You got it. The Aero was from Lymington too. @Xeon you're up.
  3. Where in the world? This one should be easy.
  4. Check out the list of wrecks in the Scilly Isles - many after the lighthouses were built. I do remember the news of the Torrey Canyon when I lived in the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_shipwrecks_of_the_Isles_of_Scilly
  5. Well done @130lights. It is indeed Round Island Light in the Scilly Isles off the SW corner of England. How did you get it so quickly? The RS Aero spotted by @Martin T was YODA skippered by Ken Fowler who is attempting to sail around all the islands in England and Wales to raise money for charity. I think he appeared in another one of my "where in the world" challenges. https://yodare.co.uk You are up @130lights.
  6. Not Godrevy Lighthouse - even though it does look quite similar.
  7. Sure looks like one. But then RS Aeros are everywhere these days. Click on this interactive map to zoom in and see all the places in the world you will find RS Aeros. https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=showmap
  8. Let's continue the boat-island-lighthouse theme... where in the world
  9. Thanks. It was a good quiz. This photo of a red boat with gaff rig in front of Mark Island lighthouse, is the nearest I could find to the image in the painting. The boat is a Winter Harbor Knockabout. https://www.winterharboryachtclub.com/knockabout-history
  10. Winter Harbor Lighthouse The lighthouse is actually on Mark Island. The mystery photo shows the lighthouse on Mark Island in front of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the east coast of the USA. (@fastyachtwas giving us a clue by asking us to notice that the background is not the sky!)
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