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  1. Ummm...the previously mentioned modified SC50, finished, and we were first to tap the keg.
  2. Just one more quick note of the YOY topic. If it wasn't for him, I seriously doubt I would know any of you. My sailing skills were I knew port from starboard, I knew the difference between jibing and tacking...very very minimal. He allowed me on his boat, and because of other crew members I worked with, I learned a lot. He gave me self confidence in the sport, and was always encouraging. Yes there were some crazy times...and there was some yelling, but all in all I learned a lot. And if I wasn't involved with racing I never would have met my husband, and have such an incredible boat that we sa
  3. I WANT ONE!!! (The tee shirt, not the Farr)
  4. Welcome to the West coast, hope this winter is going well for you.

  5. A very happy Thanksgiving to all my GMORA friends. I am thankful for all your friendships!!! (miss you all, but am happy)
  6. Heading off to the left coast again on tuesday. Sailing, Opening Day events (actually 5 days) at the Seattle yacht club, and a bit more sightseeing. Can't wait!
  7. hello...hello???...anyone out there. This thread has been awfully quiet of late. What can we do to breathe new life into it? Kitty? Max? Side Show? StickBoy? Whats new? hows spring cleaning going? who's going to splash first?
  8. happy birthday!!!!

  9. If you had been smart Dirt Dog you would have put it someplace that won't show at work like I did.
  10. Great event last night everyone! Nice to see so many people out on such a miserable night. A perfect venue, maybe there again next year? Great job Kitty, right down to the tatoo bar, good for a few laughs. And to everyone on the GMORA team, thank you, it was a lovely evening.
  11. For those of you who did not participate in this weekends races, you should know that the Camden/Castine race has been infused with a few pints of Life Blood. Both clubs did a fabulous job, and were welcoming at both ends. Castine hosted a barbeque at their club, which was both good and a beautiful place to just be. Race commitee did a great job in every sense of the word, and even was able to produce 2 days of nice wind. It was fun to race against other boats that we normally don't get to race against. It was very apparent that both clubs wanted us there. So to them, a hearty thank you, and t
  12. Tamarack will be there. So looking forward to a weekend of sailing, copious amounts of dark rum, and the 3am walk of shame!
  13. I'm going to be there. Anyone else out there want to check in?
  14. Max, I have looked at this and looked at this, and I have no idea what I'm looking at. Will someone please explain...
  15. Any interest of having another Rum night out within the next few weeks? I'd have a party at my new place but it's so small that I could only have 3 of you over at the same time. So maybe a Grittys night?? I've got to do something that resembles a social event. Any ideas?? (but any 3 of you are welcome to come visit me at anytime...just let me know) k
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