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  1. The old joke comes to mind, the way to make a small fortune in aviation is to start with a large one...
  2. I was very happy with my ‘13 Ram, aka “The Cowboy Cadillac”, until it recently developed the Hemi tick related to the lifters. Now I can’t recommend them at all.
  3. Those planes haven’t had any cycles in storage Meli, they get fewer cycles in regular use by nature of their long haul usage. The Aloha AC was a short haul high time airframe with a high number of cycles in salt air. There was daylight visible through the overhead panels from a large crack in the skin on the Aloha 37, (I’m not even sure how that’s possible, considering the insulation blankets). At least one person saw it but didn’t report it to anyone before takeoff. Just keep an eye out for cracks and daylight showing through the overhead, short of that you should be OK.
  4. It’s difficult to apply a tourniquet that high up I think, and I think it’s always a last resort after pressure techniques. I think.
  5. Don’t do it Meli. Qantas is world renowned for shoddy maintenance. New research shows you’re much safer just staying home forevever now. Look how they stored their fleet:
  6. If it’s the same incident, I remember that. He was diving for abalone and the shark had his head and shoulders in his mouth. No tank diving for abs up north, so he was free diving. He punched the shark on the nose repeatedly and was let go. He had the marks to prove it, as I remember. I would wrap up in the kelp like camo on the surface and rest sometimes when I was ab diving up there so as not to make such a good target on the surface. That happened not far from my favorite old spot, the Red Barn. It was the Mother Lode back then. ETA: SANTA CRUZ -- They say there is a greater chance of
  7. @Mrleft8Just curious about your position as an “Officer of the Court” in Fla, thats a rather broad description.
  8. What did you write about VFP with regard to Russia? I was paraphrasing when I used the word engaged. I don’t understand your question wrt me.
  9. What did you say wrt Russia and China? What do you mean by your last?
  10. Do you call him “The Gimp?”
  11. So no-one was guarding WTC 1 and 2 except from Kuwait? Is that what you think?
  12. I noticed you didn't answer Ollie. I've seen you say that VFP is engaged with Russia, why won't you elaborate on that? Please take notice that I'm being polite and respectful.
  13. Are all the 10 dollar an hour guards dead or did they just miss all the activity? Do they know how much the knowledge they have is worth? So many questions.
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