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  1. Sadly, we now know were looking at a vast toxic waste dump in this picture. 40+ years and thousands of tons of industrial waste, mostly DDT. Thousands of feet down.
  2. LB is definitely more domesticated than I imagined.
  3. My latest Econoline. The first had fewer amenities, mainly just an old couch in back and one small window. 35,000 miles in just over 3 years.
  4. I think of it more as a loud squealing whine. All you have to do is poke the ijut and he goes into long winded diatribes about how unfair it all is. It takes very few words to wind him up. Seeing Meli bitch about bitching is rich.
  5. chum


    a classic:
  6. Well, he did publicly disavow Runningdumbs bs, so there is that. I think it's hilarious that he runs socks around here. If it's true, that is. Wait...the plot thickens...who was the anon poster who originally reported me in the midst of our sparring BJ?
  7. The silence here is deafening. Once again.
  8. So why isn’t Canada producing vaccine?
  9. What about this though, seriously. I was nuked for suddenly being suspected of being a sock.
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