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  1. I’ve used an RC sailboat to show new sailors what’s up. Set up a W/L course and have them try to sail around it. They get to see how sailing works and can ask questions about mistakes they’ve made. After they can get around the course a few times then we learn to rig a boat and go out sailing for real.
  2. F1 tv app has full replays of everything. 80 bucks for the whole season, which I don’t think is too bad.
  3. I inquired about the boat and received much better pictures. I’d buy that boat in a heartbeat if I could find someone to tow it to me.
  4. Looking for somebody to haul a boat on its own trailer from Detroit area to the UP. boat is 30 feet and probably 7000lbs plus trailer weight. Maybe 9000 total weight? thanks
  5. Thread drift from teachers banging their students... https://www.washingtonpost.com/crime-law/2021/04/15/teacher-cartel-shootout/ maybe this guy watched too many Charles Bronson movies.
  6. Corn on the inside. They call it a cheesy Gordita crunch at Taco Bell.
  7. There is one friend in my group of hometown buddies who talks way too much shit when he is drinking. After saving him countless times, we sat back one night and let him get beat up a little before we stepped in. Luckily it did teach that friend a life lesson and he no longer talks shit.
  8. This weekend I sold a four wheeler, trailer and dirt bike back to the same shop I had bought them. The owner of the shop looked up the invoice and offered me the exact price I had bought the things for last year! He said they can’t keep any inventory in stock, new or used. They are trying to find any vehicles to have in their showroom. aaaaand my boat was listed for 45 days before it sold and I had 20+ different people inquire about it.
  9. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/borresen-bb10-3155353/
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