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  1. Anidiot said re Pico's: "They are also popular with maintenance teams, as they last a long time and need little attention. This is because no-one wants to sail them, so they don't wear out." Not true, I look after 6. They get used a lot. They are simple and don't break. All repairs can be done with screwdriver, knife and tape. Toppers on the other hand are always breaking...... Back to the thread. Pacer is 12 ft long 60kg hull weight. This means Quests are out as far too heavy and complex, RS 200's too expensive. Any local designs around?
  2. https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/226182-how-important-to-clean-hull/&tab=comments#comment-7599427
  3. Dart96


    Yachts and Yachting is running an excellent article on the history and development of the FD. Well worth a read: https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/244269/70-years-of-going-Dutch
  4. Yes, Quests are good, we have two. Only minor problems so far and RS have replaced faulty parts without quibbling. All club members like them. The trolley they come with is designed to support crew weight on land so dry sailing practice is good if you put tyres under the thick end.
  5. How flexible are you? Tacking a Laser while the vang is set up for strong winds (essential for control) means a very low boom. You almost have to lie down! If you think Finns OKs have low booms then try a Laser. Check this vid. https://youtu.be/VGIirRNuRdg
  6. Fast yacht said: Every "respectable" club in the U.S. requires letters of recommendation and a proposer. You never walk up to the door and ask, "hey, how do I sign up?" and then: The reality is legal: someone who misbehaves can be formally and legally ejected much more smoothly if there are membership structures...the same tendency applies to all sorts of clubs in the U.S. This must mean that membership of a club has a different legal status to that of the UK. In the UK every club will have byelaws that allow the removal of a member who breaks them. Therefore we a
  7. Yes, with the big racing rig, the one with the curved top mast.
  8. Greatest go faster mod for a Bug, remove the bow wheel, just love Bug sailing.
  9. As probably the world's only 6'1" 80 kg Laser Big Race sail Bug sailor I can recommend the fun aspect of sailing very short boats in strong winds. I expect an Opti is just as good.
  10. Try reading "The manual of sail trim " by Stuart Walker,1985. Really all based upon Solings but very detailed. Shame I never seem to be in a position to use any of it.
  11. While investigating the Butterfly I found one supplier recommended this sort of hiking strap. How is it normally used? Any advantages?
  12. My Recycle centre always has barrels full of old fishing rods, some say "carbon" and "graphite" on them and have lovely cork grips. Usually find nice stuff that works. Also barrels of golf clubs with nice shafts and grips.
  13. JimC said "Rig tension is primarily defined by the need to keep the spreaders working with a trapezing crew." So given that the Hornet is from 74' and maybe a little delicate in the glue dept' then using the seat should result in lower rig tension to get the same result?
  14. Yes, it's all GRP, carriage and seat, vaguely pinky purplish. I was hoping that someone would come and take it away.
  15. The story I heard about the Topper, maybe from one of the Rooster Vids was that the current mast position is too far back. This is why the boom overlaps the transom and you have a 6:1 downhaul. So with a Laser rig if the above is true you might need forward take:-)
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