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  1. Had a MK2 Wayfarer. All GRP, foam sandwich foredeck. Totally delaminated due to being stood on. Too difficult to repair well so gave it away.
  2. Add some pics of the situation.
  3. "Perhaps there is a lot more to it" Yes, to understand something of why things are as they are or were, it is necessary to understand as much of the physical and social context as possible.
  4. Love the right hand one, I've never seen a minute hand shaped like that. Great design.
  5. Sounds like the Instructor needs to remap his ECU! If big sedate boat up would be usually fine.
  6. Surprisingly a Feva can take a while to rig until you are familiar. Mast top main halyard cleat baffles lots, the fact that you can only rig the main standing by starboard bow, the jib halyard with 2:1, how the downhaul is lead, clew strap and then there is the spinnaker. So many small things to do wrong.
  7. My club has four Lasers, I do the maintenance. All have standard and radial rig+one 4.7, (we'll add another next season).All are XD. I have not found them the best club boats. It's very easy for users to re-rig them in all sorts of creative ways causing difficulties for the next user. I have tried to restrict the "choices" made by users which takes them slightly out of class but makes everyone's life a bit easier. Unless you really must have Laser/ILCA I would use something else. We only have the Lasers because we were given them and they have been upgraded since then.
  8. Definitely need two people to row a Drascombe Lugger. Really they are more of a motor sailer. Windward performance is uninspiring. Sometime this summer I'm going to add a boom our club Lugger to see if it goes better. Can't be any worse.
  9. Rowed a Wayfarer a few years ago, needs good oars. Good oars are too long to fit in the cockpit so they usually have short ones better suited for stirimg jam. It was not a fun experience. Had a Mirror and rowed it a lot. A much better rowing boat as it has a skeg. With oars the right length it is quite fast. Less than half the weight of the Waybarge.
  10. Can you rent anything? Anyone you know go a "free" boat going? I say the latter because it's the way I have occasionally found boats, often ones I would never have considered.
  11. Dart96

    Laser 2

    Sailwriter said "Shermanized." Ed Sherman knew how to reinforce weak parts within the rules to make the boats last on that big bay" I look after our club fleet and have one L2 which I've put many hours into. I'd love to know what Sherman did. On L2s in general: 1)I have found nothing on them that cannot easily be replaced. 2) only real problem we have had is the mast snapping like a carrot at the shroud bolt. Corrosion. Took it to the local aluminium welder, external sleeve welded. Been great for 2 years. If you look at a boat sailed on salt water take the shroud
  12. eMotion Spirit plus electric outboard. We have fitted one to a Drascombe Lugger, done speed trial, just 5mph flat out with 4 adults, dog and moderately clean hull, flat calm. At full power it will run for hour and a half. Recently took it out in 20mph+ winds, boat was just making progress to windward. 3 adults on board. Drascombe much heavier than a Wayfarer and more windage, so I expect it would work a lot better. In terms of comparing it with a thermal motor I think it might be about 2hp. I want to do a bollard pull with it, to compare with the 5hp 2 stroke that was on before.
  13. You have lots of ability and skill. Making a hoistable sail for your boat is simple, gets around all the problems. So many different methods from the centuries old and cheap methods to the high tech. Just choose your level of financial and temporal input. Modifying boats is fun, it builds bonds and makes it yours.
  14. These people produce aluminium extruded sections. The Argie has a dagger board so this would be good http://www.windknife.com
  15. Depends what the worry is: 1) Speed of boom is a handling issue. 2) contact with heads can be mitigated by raising the boom. Either cut 12" of the bottom or use a shorter luff sail. I've done this on a Wayfarer and. Laser.(I shortened the leach by 12" 3) Impact? Add a carbon boom to reduce the weight of the boom. I'm not keen on helmets on slow boats, I'd rather adapt the sailplan.
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