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  1. Try reading "The manual of sail trim " by Stuart Walker,1985. Really all based upon Solings but very detailed. Shame I never seem to be in a position to use any of it.
  2. While investigating the Butterfly I found one supplier recommended this sort of hiking strap. How is it normally used? Any advantages?
  3. My Recycle centre always has barrels full of old fishing rods, some say "carbon" and "graphite" on them and have lovely cork grips. Usually find nice stuff that works. Also barrels of golf clubs with nice shafts and grips.
  4. JimC said "Rig tension is primarily defined by the need to keep the spreaders working with a trapezing crew." So given that the Hornet is from 74' and maybe a little delicate in the glue dept' then using the seat should result in lower rig tension to get the same result?
  5. Yes, it's all GRP, carriage and seat, vaguely pinky purplish. I was hoping that someone would come and take it away.
  6. The story I heard about the Topper, maybe from one of the Rooster Vids was that the current mast position is too far back. This is why the boom overlaps the transom and you have a 6:1 downhaul. So with a Laser rig if the above is true you might need forward take:-)
  7. Laser mast is too big to fit in Topper mast step and mast gate. However the Topper mast gate is easily removed and you could replace with a square of 18mm plywood with a Laser mast sized hole in it. Take the bottom cap off the Laser mast. Stuff an old length of Topper lower mast up it and that will engage the cup on the Topper mast step. So defo' doable. What happens next is unpredictable. Sliding seat is fine. Can you drill holes in the Toppers?. If so then it's easy. If not then it's the toe strap mounts. Screws into soft plastic, may hold for a while. Does it matter if they p
  8. Thanks, I'm making a new seat to the new larger size rules.
  9. Good point about the rig tension. Thanks
  10. I'm restoring a Hornet, UK class, 16ft. Genoa that came with it is in bad shape. Many years ago the class moved from a jib to a Genoa. Current Genoa has a foot about 2m long. I often sail with lightweight crews and anybody who is around and will come with me, so I'm thinking of maybe picking up a Fireball jib and using it, or getting a Jib made. I have accumulated all the bits for a self tacker. We do a bit of handicap racing. Does anyone have an idea of how much slower the boat will be with an FB jib or selt tacker?
  11. Yes, this sort of thing is common on many boats. Some sort easily added hinge would be a useful add-on.
  12. Or maybe like I did last night with a Laser 2 get a child/friend to hold the foot in place as you lift it up.
  13. Many newer boats like the RS Quest have a sort of hinge that holds the mast foot in the correct place as you lift it. Makes it much easier. Maybe lash up some rope or similar to hold the foot as you lift it up?
  14. I agree with ojfd. I'm doing a 1974 Hornet like a smaller FD. Everything thing that moves has had to come off be modified or replaced apart from the hull (which needed repainting). Rudder stock, tiller and boom are the only bits still usable as were. It's a nice activity but two launch dates have past. Good thing I enjoy boat repair.
  15. When we retire our Pico fleet we will replace with Zests. They have the Luxury of a proper captive centreboard.
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