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  1. Good solid advice. Thanks
  2. This is going to be on a 1974 Rigden hull. Pre epoxy, been instore for 15yrs or more. I don't think it will take much rig tension. Hornet tuning guide says 350-400lbs on the genoa. I can't imagine I'll get that. So I'm begining thinking that as spreaders need this sort of rig tension to work and I'm not prepared to do it up that tight (rightly or wrongly) then should I look at a different system. Could go for diamonds like the Laser 2? I have dealt with Selden dealer in Plymouth before, nice people. However the prices were well over what I was prepared to pay. I can make an
  3. Anybody know of a good text on spreader set up?
  4. Yes, gives length and deflection but not advice on style of spreader, I'll hapily go for the locked version if that works best. Saves a lot of time.
  5. I'm renovating a 1974 Hornet, 16ft. Spreaders are limited swing ones. The adjuster screws have corroded solid, so despite weeks in coke, heat and swearing they are not going to move. I can make new inner ends and restore it to previous glory or do something else. I can get a set with small bottle screws behind the spreader or lock them. Any suggestions?
  6. We have a trolley for a Wanderer (14ft version of the wayfarer), it has a pair of 35cm wheels mounted about 70cm apart on a turntable at the front of the trolley. The turntable has a 120cm SS tube hinged to it with a T handle. Two people on the T handle and one pushing will pull it up a lumpy rocky foreshore. We also have a hand winch at the top of the slope and use it for heavier boats, like a Drascombe Lugger. I have used it when recovering a Wayfarer by myself.
  7. From what I remember, the FA is a very small class, so unlikely to be much specific. Most gear will be generic.
  8. Thanks, good to hear your experience.
  9. I'm going to put a boot top on my Hornet this winter. You've done a great job on the 5oh how did you do it?
  10. Simple fix. Bit of wood from the sail cut out on the mast to the back corner of the sail, lashed on. Sail will press against it on one tack and not on the other. Doesn't matter. You need a boom for this rig. boat is not long enough or wide enough to use a loose footed one like in your picture. Bit of 2" by 1" should do.
  11. Fit the boom from the windsurfing rig as well.
  12. My neighbour has a J22. To antifoul he has a wooden gantry fore and aft with a strap going under the boat. He tightens it all up then let's air out of tyres and removes the wheels. Trailer drops enough to antifoul the keel.
  13. After a life time of faffing around with sailing boats I found a bit of advice from John Bertrand (the Australian America's cup one and Finn sailor) that really helps with finding where to start with all the string pulling and hanging over the side He said that going fast was about deciding how much you wanted the boat to heel over and adjust everything else to keep the heel where you wanted it.
  14. Did race our Lugger a few times this year by myself. Slow, slow and slower. Given it's length it is surprisingly slow. Ours has 150sq ft (bigger rig) on about 16ft waterline. Maybe it's the agricultural steel Centreboard!
  15. " I am considering a Wayfarer, which I think are considered fairly stable (unless one is considering a cruise to Iceland in one à la Frank Dye, in which case, maybe don’t go there by dinghy... :-) ) As well, Wayfarers have a mast tabernacle, I understand" Wayfarers are often left on exposed mooring here in the SW of the UK, Dartmouth, Salcombe. They tend to go inside about the end of October. I would have no worries leaving one on a mooring. The issue for our Wanderer which is a 14ft Wayfarer by the same designer was the torrential rain and no cover so loose water sloshing about and in
  16. Our club Wanderer (14ft and very heavy) has just capsized and mostly sunk on it's moorings during a Storm a few days ago. I was down there watching it the day before it capsized. We have very turbulent winds here on the Dart and the boat was being blown around on its mooring a full 360deg. Wind was gusting 40mph according to Met office. Centreboard was up. Following day went down again it it had capsized, mast in the mud. Overnight we had torrential rain. My guess is that without a cover on it filled and was not able to respond to the gusts and roll with the punches. The boat also l
  17. Should have said, light wind roll tacks.
  18. ISA Content I'd like: Laser tacking. Reasons? 1) Most/all vids are on water from a distance. 2) Tend to be from behind, so front foot obscured. 3) Ones from mast top cam have sail obscuring the action. So I'd like you to produce a short maybe 1 minute vid land based, mast and boom in right place but no sail. Mount the boat on an axis to allow heel and have a couple of people on ropes to the mast to do the heeling. Three cameras, Stern, bow, mast. Do part of the vid in slow mo. Thanks in advance!
  19. You could see ISA's postings here as their Corporate Social Responsibility, the philanthropic aspect of CSR.
  20. MS Paint is a go to program Still easy after all these years!
  21. Maybe take the sea kayak idea of a paddle float. If you capsize and come out of the boat you put a blow up bag on the end of the paddle, put the other end behind the cockpit and use the extra stability to re-enter. You could do something like this on the Megabyte, telescopic pole mounted across the cockpit, pull it out on the preferred side, attach a float and re-enter. As the float can be stored on the boat it could be solid maybe with a bit of velcro to hold it on the pole.
  22. Great looking boat, like someone chopped the top 4" off a 505 hull.
  23. Dyneema needs 5x dia bend radius to keep 80% of strength, so I took the racks off.
  24. Laser 2, much underated boat. Moving it. Check this link http://www.collars.co.uk/info/49/recent_articles/32/the_yuloh_sculling_oar I've always wanted to try one. Trapeze. I occasionally use an L2 single handed from the trapeze. Sheet from the boom. This gives enough space to swing longer extension forward for racks and gybes L2 sails well with main only from trapeze. Roll jib around forestay, lift dagger boat 10". Sheet boom over transom corner, main sheet take off from rope traveller should be in the middle. Loose leach helps. Boom. Tie thin rope to spreader on one s
  25. New idea: Fit a weighted dagger board to make a keel and a radio control system and stay ashore. Full size RC yachting.
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