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  1. Hi yes, I did my full rig on a Pogo 12.50 this fall. I logged 3000nm on it this winter and have been very impressed so far. My inner forestay is metal hanks, I used LS carbon with a dyneema cover, no issues. I believe they build a Technora carbon blended fiber into the final outer winding of the cable so you should never have any chafe issues. Then with the added dyneema cover its bomb proof. My initial build thread -https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/217165-carbon-rigging-retrofit/
  2. As long as it was covered I don’t see why not, shoot them as email and see. I’ll be doing my headstay this summer.
  3. Retail for the carbon was around 18K USD that’s with all new fittings and turnbuckles, we just did the side rigging for now. I believe rod for my boat would have come in around 14k, and I got a quote for EC6 at 34k.
  4. Yes we have noticed a difference with the carbon rigging setup. The boat is far more responsive to gusts, handles them with more ease and seems to transfer that into forward power a lot faster. Also my reefing points have all moved up by a knot or two, still testing this. We are currently collecting and building new polar data, so that we can see a quantifiable change, and it’s not just by “feeling”. The boat also doesn’t pitch as much and just seems a lot more stable. So far very happy with the performance change from switching to LS Carbon rigging so far. According to the engineer
  5. This is something I have heard as well, but so far no issues. I know Carbo Link has been manufacturing solid bare carbon cables for years and Future Fibres adds a chafe sleeve over there bundled rod EC6, so two schools of thought here. Light Speed offered me a chafe technora cover over my lowers, and that would have stopped any chafe issues, but we decided to go bare. Our schedule 2021/ 2022 ( COVID permitting) is transat east, Fastnet, Middle Sea, RORC transat back and C600, so rigging is going to get a workout. I’ll be sure to report any chafe issues I see, but so far nothing.
  6. Hey Nota answer to most of your questions below. I have 12mm caps, 10mm V2/D3 & D1, 8mm D2s all those SWL/ break strength are 15% above the equivalent sizes in rod. In terms of cable diameter, they are approximately the same as rod and wire sizes. So my caps measure 11.5mm diameter on average. My cables are bare carbon, but Light Speed can add technora or dyneema covers. This increases the diameter by 2mm-ish but adds an extra layer for abrasions resistance. For dyneema, the big issue there is the stretch is huge and it’s not dynamically stable, so you’ll constantly
  7. Thought I would provide an update. Did some digging into this over the summer, I looked into EC6 and I agree, at the quoted price it was a bit insane for a 40ft, it was over double the price of rod. So I kept looking for other carbon rigging options, and I found a new company in Annapolis called Light Speed Rigging. Full transparency: I was able to work out a deal with them and got a discount in exchange for product visibility on our boat/media. That being said, given our boat does 10,000nm+ a year that includes a Transat or two plus hard inshore and offshore racing, I
  8. Considering carbon standing rigging for my Pogo 12.50, but wondering if investment is worth it on a variety of levels. Anyone have any experience on the rating hit or thoughts on durability? Wondering also why carbon fiber rigging has taken off in high-performance big boats, but not so much in our size range (40 ft)... is it just price prohibitive or am I missing something?
  9. Gotta love the French attitude to offshore sailing! Before this I spend some time on an Open 60 campaigning for the TJV, we started but way under budget so unfortunately didn't finish due to damage. The way the french approach the sport is so radically different and refreshing compared to anywhere else in the world.
  10. Hey guys, I have a custom 2016 Pogo 12.50 in like-new condition for sale in Annapolis MD. Not my 2012 Pogo 12.50, Hermes, but I manage both and know these boats well. This is a killer deal, basically a delivered yacht. So for anyone in North America looking for a new or used Pogo this could be a great option. More info here, lots of photos on our social media @OceanRacers Currently doing sea trials locally. - http://oceanracers.net/project/pogo12-50-for-sale/
  11. Yes that’s correct, we bought the boat used, so we have the standard carbon mast. As you know it’s pretty stiff, so I can’t get much bend even with the runner. But that’s ok, the runners are more for the MH kite then anyway. My fiancée keeps remeineding me this is not a class 40 no matter how badly I want it to be lol.
  12. I have talked to Pogo about the inhaullers, it’s a very easy mod to do either way. So reguarding sail.... as we are pretty much full racing we have gone a very different route then most 12.50s. We basically went as big as we could on everything lol. We did a larger square top, similar to what you see on a class 40, we also went slightly larger on the jib. My IRC rating took an expected hit, but we have seen a benefit in performance, especially in light air. Jury is still out on the larger main, we now have a gap between needing reef one with the large J1, and the full main J1. I t
  13. Hi all, figured it time to chime in with my teams 12.50 experience. In-haulers make a huge difference with upwind performances, it also gives you the option to inhaul the staysail when reaching . So in my opinion it’s a must. Also adding running back stays which helped with that forestay sag, but that’s a larger mission. On a side note, we love the boat, had our 12.50 for 3 years now. Just finished a 15,000nm season, two Transatlantic races, into the Med for Middle Sea, then a full Caribbean racing season. Finally arrived back to NY this weekend where Hermes will get some much needed yar
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