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  1. No, at 14 000 USD it's one of the most expensive Scampi´s in Sweden. But the boat/sails seems to be in good shape.
  2. USS Planview 1964 http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/78/09780104.jpg
  3. The AC75 concept is much closer to the Vampire M20 project that out dates Chaves Patent filing with more than 6 years. Vampire M20 https://vampire-project.com/, Chaves Patent https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2017083947A1/en?oq=manoel+francisco+cortes+chaves Yes Chaves patent talks about a bulb and hydrulics but double canting keels has been discribed before and I quite certain that I even have seen a drawing of a double canting keel system with wings in the 90s, but non foiling. I belive it can be a very costly process for Chaves
  4. I'm quite certain that it is the 12mr Sverige that has been rebuild in Germany with a nose job. I dont belive that the new bow complies with the rules.
  5. Now the ad is out https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Lady_Helmsman_Special_Calluna_72323952.htm?ca=11&w=3 Perfect boat for someone who likes to have a classic narrow Scandinavian boat with good light wind performance and low maintenance. 295 000 SEK ($33 600 or 30 900Eur)
  6. Hi Panoramix I did a quick check between the IRC ratings from Fastnet race compared to the Swedish SRS and IRC. Both IRC and SRS is Corrected Time = Rating * Elapsed Time IRC 2015 SRS 2017 SRS / IRC Elan 40 1.021 1.086 1.064 X37 1.025 1.090 1.063 First 35 1.025 1.064 1.038 A35 1.027 1.061 1.033 Swede 55 1.022 1.101 1.077 I do think that the Swede 55 SRS rating is a few % t
  7. A little bit of topic but my brother is now gonna put our family boat since 35 years for sale. It's a 40*9’ special version of a Lady Helmsman. The boat home harbor is in Stockholm.
  8. Well, Kåre, I am quoting the latest LYS table (around 2010, I think). That is the statistical outcome, which - as stated - inludes everything.You are then saying that in some conditions the outcome could be reversed - could very well be as these two boats only differ 0.01, a precision the LYS table never had. Here you are missing the point I made to explain to Pano that the Swede 55 is not as fast as he imaged. He is now slowly getting there . If you both are more happy with comparing with 40.7 - ok, do that. It doesn't really matter. Then, Kåre, you point at the new rating system
  9. Hi Jaramaz From my experience racing against both 36.7 and the Swede 55 I would say that the Swede 55 is faster in most cases if the waves aren't to big and as long as both boats have good sails and crew. Nowadays the Swede 55 has the same rating as the 40.7 in Sweden, but I do believe that the 40.7 is a few % faster in reality. The latest version of the Swede 55 called Swede 52 is much faster and is about as fast as an J/120. But I'm sorry to say that only one Swede 52 has been built.
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