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  1. every human who as ever lived is in this photo Except Mike Collins
  2. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/ Lots of good info here
  3. Here are a few options with prices Ray Marine i70 System Pack with Wind, Depth & Speed Transducers $1500 B&G Triton² Digital Display Depth, Speed & Wind Pack $1700 GARMIN GNX™ Wireless Sail Pack 52 with Wired Masthead Sensor, Two Displays, and Depth Transducer $1418
  4. What brand do you like? B&G, Garmin, Ray Marine, or ???? Budget under $2000 US
  5. This one is mine. A few months ago some friends and I bought half a boat and a box of parts and We working on putting it back together. Should be a lot of fun once we get it sorted
  6. The ancestor of the Moore 33 Moore 30
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