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  1. every human who as ever lived is in this photo Except Mike Collins
  2. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/ Lots of good info here
  3. Here are a few options with prices Ray Marine i70 System Pack with Wind, Depth & Speed Transducers $1500 B&G Triton² Digital Display Depth, Speed & Wind Pack $1700 GARMIN GNX™ Wireless Sail Pack 52 with Wired Masthead Sensor, Two Displays, and Depth Transducer $1418
  4. What brand do you like? B&G, Garmin, Ray Marine, or ???? Budget under $2000 US
  5. This one is mine. A few months ago some friends and I bought half a boat and a box of parts and We working on putting it back together. Should be a lot of fun once we get it sorted
  6. The ancestor of the Moore 33 Moore 30
  7. Only one way to Rock
  8. Newport Sea Base has one for sale. https://www.newportseabase.org/boats-for-sale
  9. You are correct it is a rheostat. this particular one is not in service.One just like it is in use today about 50 feet away from this one. It’s purpose is to adjust the excitation Field voltage on a 225 MW generator
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