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  1. Mozzy, Well that was a thread swerve onto gudgeons... Sorry to hear of your experience in the 200 & 800, however, you are speculating without experience regarding the RS Aero. The account you refer to is 2.5 years old, half of the age of the Class! The Class is quick to give constructive feedback to RS when necessary and in my experience they are quick to investigate and respond. I understand RS added some extra structure there early on. I heard of a few stories of lose screws, but not for a long time now and there are already over 2,200 RS Aeros out there. I have no experience of
  2. Over 250 of 1520 RS Aeros worldwide have their names centrally registered, which I think is a quite good proportion. Some good ones there! I believe in AUS it is a requirement to name your boat and to write the name on the transom. RS Aero Name Register - Jan 2018 RS Aero Names - Pics and stories
  3. There is a used RS Aero for sale in Seattle details here; https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=forum&fid=9&tid=7930 Still $7k, but with 2 rigs and trailer. Possibly little used.
  4. RS AERO FLORIDA STATE CHAMPS - US Sailing Center, Jensen Beach, Florida, USA, February 2-4 Charter boats - last couple still available. Grab yourself a charter and some last minute winter sun. Fly in Friday morning! Contact Marc Jacobi; usa@rsaerosailing.org Last weekend's NA Midwinters are in the books and the fleet heads north to Jensen Beach where the scoreboard starts afresh for the Florida State Champs! Everyone will have had a chance to recover from the breezy days at Palm Beach and travellers able to see the sights and play tourists! Friday 2nd is a clinic day, wi
  5. Those two events are 'International' and therefore appear in all the regional RS Aero calendars. Great to see 2 Aussies set to compete at the Lake Garda RS Aerocup in 2 weeks, we also had 2 last year. After 3 AUS sailors came to our 1st Worlds in Carnac we hope to see more at next year's Worlds in Weymouth UK. So it is all relevant. Fact is that it is still winter down under and the new Australian summer calendar is not up yet. Not that I support the notion that they really have a winter. The Aussie Aeros will be confirming events to me in due course, like they have done the past couple o
  6. RS Aero UK National Championship and International OpenHayling Island SC, 31st August – 3rd SeptA final tally of 114 entries gave well over a 50% increase on last year - and just 5 weeks after the World Championship in France with similar numbers! The 2017 UK Champs saw a large increase in the proportion of Youth and Ladies in the fleet, both over 20% of the total. A nice variety of conditions provided something for every body at this year's UK National Championship. It was interesting to see how differing sailor weights faired in each rig across the three days. Thank you to event sp
  7. However when the wind is just enough to get 'trundling' the RS Aero 9 is a great option. As a good sized sail on a light hull it is an agile combination and quick to accelerate in each extra zephyr. Here are two pictures of the UK River Champs last year that put that agility and acceleration to the ultimate test. The event was created to have fun and embrace the challenges of a very restricted waterway and turned out to be an incredibly fun racing and training experience. We had two Classes with eighteen RS Aero 9s and five RS Aero 7s on the 60 yard wide river. The wind was generally 5
  8. Amati, The positioning is not so much a function of the sailor weight as the conditions. If you are drifting/trundling it is good for all sailors to sit forward, reducing transom drag and wetted area. You might have both feet still in the cockpit or one foot in and the forward leg on the deck. The non slip area adjacent to the dagger board helps facilitate that. There are plenty of heavier helms doing fine in the light races with many examples of that both in the large UK events and within the USA's large and very competitive Seattle fleet.
  9. RS Aero North American Winter Regattas RS Aero North American Midwinters & Florida State Champs Thanks to Greg for this wrap up report on the two recent Florida events; http://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=news&nid=10706 RS Aeros at the Frigid Digit, Seattle ...and as a third consecutive weekend (but nobody managed all 3!) 14 RS aeros signed up for a nice mild weekend in Seattle where the red hot level of competition made up for any lack of Florida sun! Report, Results, Pics; http://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=results&rid=3322
  10. Hi US307, Try this Dropbox link to the Aero Primer intro video. It is an enhanced audio version kindly produced by Ron, an RS Aero sailor in Israel. RS Aero Primer - Intro Video We hope to produce a new version soon, when it is warmer! Thanks to Karl who took the original and Ron for his enhancement.
  11. Hi US307, Apologies, that was an impromtu amateur iPhone job in the rain (Karl took it, the man who brought rain from the UK to the Florida Midwinters last week!) I believe someone has produced am enhanced audio from it which I am trying to track down. We should produce new chaptered pro versions once it is a little warmer outside. That spiel has certainly evolved a little since June 2015. Peter
  12. RS Aero North American Midwinters Great to see a fleet 26 RS Aeros entered for the midwinters in West Palm Beach, Florida last weekend. Marc Jacobi ran a clinic on Friday followed by two days racing - on the open ocean on Saturday and the inlet on Sunday. Visitors travelled from 9 states from as far afield as Seattle and two Internationals flew in from Canada and the UK (bringing some rain with him for the Sunday!) Numbers were anchored by the good sized local fleet from the Sailfish Club at Palm Beach. Those in the southern and eastern states travelled with their own RS Aeros and those fur
  13. Thanks to SAILING ANARCHY featuring Ken Fowler's RACE TO SCOTLAND in his RS Aero today. http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/01/31/scot-crazy/ The voyage will take Ken in his RS Aero across expanses of sea and through the Scotish Islands, from corner to corner of Great Britain. What an inspiring adventure and all for two worthy cancer charities. There is plenty of racing around cans to be done - nice to see people getting out and creating there own adventures too! Here is a video of Ken on a recent practice sail out to the Needles (Isle of Wight, UK) where he makes quick work of climbing back i
  14. This lettering at Wurstfest in November did catch my eye! Is it a Texas thing?
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