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  1. That's probably a lower percentage than those who are suffering from brain damage when they think it's a good idea to start playing...
  2. Luckily most of the rest of the english speaking world considers gridiron a girls sport due to all the padding that the delicate flowers need to wear.
  3. I have to agree with Ms Valentine - the testing sites seem to be well controlled to prevent any spread. I made the mistake of dropping my drivers license on a table during one test - a team in hazmat suits were there to disinfect everything before it bounced twice. The nurses doing the actual testing either wear multilayer PPE, or better yet hide across the room while you test yourself.
  4. Your challenge was "Prove the disconnect between movement of people and movement covid." Which is asking to prove a negative. What level of proof would you accept? Statistical at 95 or 99% confidence levels? Or will you insist on mathematical certainty? The latter is impossible for any sufficiently complex system - ie anything in biology. BTW - I'd argue that it is up to the people supporting curfews to prove that curfews reduce the transmission of Covid 19, rather than it being up to me to prove the negative. But from what I've seen here, no one supporting curfews has the
  5. Assertion without any attempt to support it. We can play "yeah you did", "no, I didn't" all night and you will still be wrong.
  6. Confession - I did 3 years of stats at uni, and I don't remember ever hearing a t-test referred to as Student's T test. So I had to google it as well. I contemplated going down the regression analysis or MFA path in response to Ease, but decided against because; - ultimately you just end up at a point where you have a correlation which has a probability of being due to causation, so while it's proof, it's not "PROOF!" - I was clearly taking the piss anyway, and just couldn't be bothered. It just amused me to respond to another demand to prove a negative. I assumed that E
  7. I've never before met someone who has never broken any law. Unless you are including yourself in the category every other idiot? For some reason I had thought you were better than that response. Oh well.
  8. Easy. Victoria had a curfew, and had a higher transmission rate of covid resulting in a higher peak case number. NSW didn't have a curfew, had a lower transmission rate and lower peak case number. Difference is clearly due to movement being compressed into 12 hours in Vic vs spread over 24 hours in NSW. Hence people were brought into closer proximity in Vic. Therefore curfews increase covid transmission. (Yes, I know that you were just trying to make me prove a negative) Oh - I didn't try to justify my illegal behaviour, merely stated that it happened. So your snarky c
  9. Imagine that. Making movement after 9pm illegal, reduced movement after 9pm. No attempt to show any impact on the spread of covid? Or is this one of those ones where it is self evident to believers? (Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I broke that law. Neither the dog nor I got covid! That's n=2.)
  10. Bob Oram had built himself a cat dinghy when we met him when he was cruising on Slim. Plans might be availiable on his website? If you are not familiar with his designs, they tend towards lightness.
  11. You referring to the 15 YO positive case who was quarantining at the local supermarket with his mates? Might drive the vaccination rate up, it has been starting to wane.
  12. It rows... indifferently. Furthest I've rowed it was about a n m, took perhaps 20 minutes into a bit of chop, faster on the way back downwind. It's not fun to row in the way a hard dinghy can be, but crappy oars are a big part of that. It does feel subjectively like it rows faster than our previous HP floor dinghy. A little faster. I have only rowed it about 200m with 2 adults and 2 kids in it - it works OK, much further and I wouldn't have wanted to bother. Our use case for this dinghy included getting a few of us reasonable distances at speed to do stuff like snorkle - really requires p
  13. I happen to have one of the 3.5m truekits... and would still really like a rowing / sailing dinghy for use on a liveaboard. Couple of things to be be aware of. Yes, it will plane with 4 people with a 9.8 hp 2 stroke. It'll even pull one of the kids on a tube with just me on the dinghy. (This probably isn't recommended...) As long as you sit as far forward as possible to stop it flipping. So faster, lighter and more stable than our previous 3m HP inflateable floor dinghy. And fun to drive around at speed. However, it is wet. The outboard leg sits in the water path, rather than behind
  14. If you're looking for donations, put me down for $10. Make it $100 if it's somewhere without internet access.
  15. Either you are willfully misunderstanding, or are a moron. The deaths all occur during the period. Reporting of those deaths is delayed for periods between zero days and 4 weeks. Thus the total number cannot be known until 4 weeks later. If you had any morals at all, you'd apologise to dfw sailor.
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