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  1. My wife's ancestry is from your area. Probably 2023 at a guess before we make it back there given current issues, but it is planned. Aside from a quick visit to Paris and Berlin, neither if us have spent any real time in northern Europe. So it is planned. I do think the RWT will change your mind on colonial shiraz. And yes, that is completely shameless, and I do not forgive you. But I am jealous.
  2. You need to be careful just saying 'penfolds shiraz, as penfolds have a long tail of overpriced crap in their lower ranges. Don't drink anything below their bin range, and even that is expensive for what it is. What you do get from the lower prices bin wines is a fair certainty that they will age well. Good vintage bin 28, 128 or 138 will improve for 15 to 20 years before hitting it's peak. Penfolds grange is, in my opinion, way overpriced. I have only tasted 2 vintages, one way to young. Both were nice, but I'd suggest that there are equal wines at 1/4 the price. To defend the honou
  3. Hmmm Given that there is no objective measure of whether someone is a blowhard, I think it is obvious (or at least strongly implied, and recognised by those not hard of thinking) that I was expressing an opinion. I'm pretty comfortable that I don't need to provide evidence to support my own opinion. I have no evidence to back up my opinion that a good Aussie Shiraz is as good as good bordeaux, yet I can still hold that opinion. Now I may have reasons for an opinion - in the case of wine I like the fuller fruit and secondary flavours from shiraz as a complement to full flavoured meats
  4. Yeah, in hindsight Australia fucked up. At the time the logic was that we could manufacture the AZ vaccine here in high quantities. So we should do that rather that take vaccines away from other places. After all, an order of magnitude more folks are dying per day in the US than are catching the virus in Australia. The complications, ie blood clotting, from the AZ vaccine were not known at that time either. So, yes, if we knew then what we know now, the approach might have been different. I suspect Australia is not the only country that holds true for.
  5. And that's why I'd like to share a bottle of each with you and have the discussion. It is not a zero sum game. I see your point on the names. I like to keep my social sphere separate from my work one.
  6. Nice rant Ed, I enjoyed that. Sorry to hear you are not doing well, I would like the chance to try an convince you that a top (bombastic, overblown, opulent) Aus shiraz is as good in the right place as the best Bordeaux. To answer your questions, a couple of points. AJ gets shot down because he comes across as an egotistical blowhard. He does have a tendency to say xxx is true because I say it, and you should trust me because I'm a professor and a greatly experienced sailor. And Aussies, by and large, don't do well with the appeal to authority fallacy. Particularly when his authority in
  7. I dont feel sad, 2 outa three ain't bad.
  8. If it takes you back to your happy place, then sure. I've not resorted to stooping so low myself, but I'm sure you would have been popular. Knowing how to ask for eggs and all. I've always fucking hated buses.
  9. Tales... although it was a nifty bit of alliteration. ( needed to get in a dig, otherwise it looks like I'm conversing civilly with the leftist loonies party. And das is verboten).
  10. I'm shameless. I've resorted to both "spreche die Australian" and "parley vous Australian", not to mention "dos cervasa pour favour, habla tu Australian?"
  11. No... a course of valium is required there, and a liver transplant on the way home. SA is South Africa, going to a Lekka brie with the okes. They don't give a shit what you might be bringing in.
  12. I think in the end he called whichever couch he was able to sleep on home. Sad story, broke with a brain tumor. I was in our Perth office when I saw on the news that he died. Bunch of Gen Y IT folk didn't have a clue who he was, even when I sang the refrain, only a couple got it.
  13. But both scan ok... I also think Doc sings Santa Fe, although I only saw them live twice, and had other things on what little of my mind was functional.
  14. DFAT. We had to show evidence of vaccines to enter (Or return from, I forget which) somewhere in South America. I think it was Yellow fever... Or maybe Rabies, that was the compulsory one. (And I'm using compulsory in the sense that we had to show a record of innnoculation at customs. I don't know if there was some way around it or not, but we definitely had it checked on that trip)
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